The Ghost Rider

Jesse U.
4,463 Views 1 decade ago

That actually looks pretty cool. That is until it was just too much for him to handle. He was like Ouch Awww Ouch.

  • tojo33 April 15, 2006

    Just Say NO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • tree88 April 15, 2006


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  • kin2inuyasha April 15, 2006

    Thank God for the people who make life fun.

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  • calibaldie April 16, 2006

    Two fo the dumbet dudes ive ever seen. fucken retards.

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  • crazytom080675 April 16, 2006

    that was a waste of time looking

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  • nightshift187 April 16, 2006

    I hope he got at least 2nd degree burns

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  • abombay April 16, 2006

    first he was like dude fuck dude fuck ..and then he started laughing ..that was the funniest part...stupid crazy fuckers

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  • buddernutts April 16, 2006

    no fucken way dude.

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  • cap-n_obvious April 17, 2006

    only white people are this stupid

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  • calibaldie April 17, 2006

    i appologize for my misspelling. no cap n obvious white people are not stupid. all races are stupid. or we all have some stupid ass fuckers in our race.

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  • jgimages April 17, 2006

    calibaldie................lets get things straight first of all .......yes white people are stupid being the first one you dumb fuck....first learn how to spell.........................fucken moron.......................

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  • dadrumerboi April 17, 2006

    Ghost ride the The Whip!!!!!!Ghost ride the The Whip!!!!!!Ghost ride the The Whip!!!!!!Ghost ride the The Whip!!!!!!

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  • cirrhosis99 April 17, 2006

    Where do these stupid fucks come from...(and don't say their mommas cunt either)

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  • calibaldie April 18, 2006

    Hum spell check jgimages their is a space between tospell. look up thier . and thier is no space between .....fuck n moron. you got to love this bullshit. some asshole come in her trying to correct you and hes an illeterate muther fucker to start with. Hey stupid. yea you ass wipe. jgimages if your gonna tell anyone how to spell . please spell right yourself. please. dont look like a stupid idiot . what a fucken retard. and no white people arent stupid you asshole. Hey cirrhosis jgimages come from his mommas but hole. hes one of them but babies.

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  • cap-n_obvious April 18, 2006

    well calibaldie I can say with complete confidence that your fucking stupid and the point of my comment was you only see white people doing these jackass style stunts. I want to tell you to stop being such a fucking moron but I know that's asking a lot

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  • pablosdog April 18, 2006

    he stopped to take the sweatshirt off!! Just jump in the water dummy! hahahaha

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  • loqutis71 July 30, 2009

    what a fucking moron!!!! lol

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