Technically She's In The River

Jesse U.
3,795 Views 1 decade ago

That's just sad. She's in a canoe and these people are just walking around.

  • tree88 April 15, 2006

    That is rather old. Saw it just after it happened and almost every day for three weeks.

  • taskellusaf April 15, 2006

    just goes to show you how the media makes shit up just for a story. Ie making things look far worse than they are, or not pointing out the positives only the negitive and so forth.

  • david_gilmour April 15, 2006

    wow, sickgoat.. shut up with the MEAT BITCH... be quiet you fucking piece of shit... meat bitch is not even funny.. nor is it cool to say.

  • calibaldie April 16, 2006

    duhhh will some one please tell her that its not that deep . what a retard bitch.

  • iluvkissieface April 16, 2006

    Looks like she got the canoe hung up on the curb!

  • hydrochronics April 16, 2006

    fuckin stupid YANKEES

  • youngblood48 April 17, 2006

    stewart was secretly driving her canoe, hes waiting till they get closer to a fence!

  • boardsurfer April 17, 2006

    pwned by passerby's

  • mad cow April 18, 2006

    shuld cut her head instaed of that sheep,lol

  • jacksonsguilty April 20, 2006

    Dumb slitch!

  • zareste April 21, 2006

    So far we've had the customary illiterate moron and the Euro trash, now where are the Nazis??

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