Howard Stern: New Chainsaw Toy

Jesse U.
56,236 Views 1 decade ago

What the hell was that dude strssing for? That's probably the closest he's come to getting laid since he was in college. What a pussy.

  • jgimages April 18, 2006

    i am amazed that the best any of those idiots could do is talk about the damn machine when you have a room of naked fine bitches that obviously need a good fucking

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  • cirrhosis99 April 18, 2006

    Damn...damn...damn....I need to go into showbiz.

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  • hatorihynzo April 18, 2006

    You dumb fuck jgimages. Thats Howard Stern. He is the best radio personality in the history of radio. Everyone else sucks in comparison. You wish you could be in a room full of hot bitches playing with sex toys. Instead you live in Alabama and fuck your fat ugly sister Broomhilda in her diry infested ass!

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  • zazu pitts April 18, 2006


    It's just that simple.

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  • cap-n_obvious April 18, 2006

    Hi I'm known for my squirting. take a look at one of those "my daughter is fucking a nigga" and you will understand why this was invented by a white person and why a black people don't need it.

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  • calibaldie April 18, 2006

    Re re retard. horse tooth jackass. bababouei

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  • the ridgeruner April 18, 2006

    The one and only, Howard Stern

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  • justwrong April 18, 2006

    well, there's one more thing I no longer have to do

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  • pussyfucka April 18, 2006


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  • fox1974 April 19, 2006

    Howard Stern tries too hard, he cant entertain he just thinks of what he can do to shock people. Mark and Brian are the best

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  • iluvkissieface April 19, 2006

    Bababouy is a fucking asshole with buck teeth!

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  • calibaldie April 19, 2006

    Dam pussyfucka what rock do you hide under. You really mean you dont know who howard stern is. Fuck he more famoous than the president him self.

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  • taskellusaf April 19, 2006

    even tho she might have squirted you know she's gotta be facking it!!

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  • kkkkilla April 19, 2006

    That was the fakest "O" I've ever seen..Didn't loose composure, didn't speak in another language, she came way too fast, didn't wanna go ta sleep immediately afterwards. All she did was leaned back and Pissed on everybody to put that unbearable friction to an end. Anyway, Howard is a pimp...

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  • zazu pitts April 19, 2006

    Hey Fox1974, your Mark and Brian stole everything they do from Howard. They are the most insipid and pedestrian pair of assholes ever spawned by that whole; "this asshole and this other asshole" type of morning zoo bullshit brand of radio. How old are you; twelve?! Get with it, Howard's show is the only place where anything even close to being "IT" is at!

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  • looney April 19, 2006

    I made a machine like that out of a push bike ,drill and a pool noodle. My wife squirts liters of that stuff when she comes nearly drowned once.

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  • kissieface3769 April 19, 2006

    awwww I totally have one of those on order :)

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  • pablosdog April 19, 2006

    Howard Stern Rules?? If you like the exact same thing everyday for 15 years! That stupid fuck couldn't come up with an original idea if his life depended on it. 80% of his listening audience says they listen because they enjoy having somebody to hate besides the guy driving in front of them. BTW I would like to fuck the shit out of that naughty Filipino girl.

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  • jgimages April 19, 2006

    this one goes out to hatorihynzo.......listen you stupid motherfucker it just proves what a dumb fuck you are you just watched a video of three beautiful women and the first thing you do is try to defend howard stern??? not taking nothing away from howard stern but thats another stupid motherfucker......and lets not get it twisted i do not live in alabama and iam not a redneck...however if your mom came around i'd be happy to show her my machine.....

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  • rockybalboa April 19, 2006

    Hey capn' why are you bringing racial shit to this? YOU FUCKING RACIST. Hell, if I was at that fucking show. instead of nicknaming me Rocky Balboa they would call me MAJOR WOOD.

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  • calibaldie April 20, 2006

    I cant believe what my eyes are seeing. Rockyfagboa calling some one else a racist. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr WTF. The same rocky that uses the work nigger in almost every single post he post on here. Dam rocky you really thew me for a curve on this one.

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  • crazycory April 20, 2006

    What's the big deal? I make all my girlfreinds(and yours)come just like that everytime! Doesn't everybody?

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  • thewhiteboy April 20, 2006

    hey thats how my tong works!

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  • youngblood48 April 21, 2006

    cap-n, you know you got one on order, when it comes in can i borrow it? i gotta put in a new water line to my house.

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  • ichy April 23, 2006

    He is sad, same shit every day. Never changes. And you know what? I think the only guys that listen to him do not get any and have to listen to this childish crap to get off. Seriously, you guys with the mantality to find the shit interesting could not possibly get any.

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  • smashley May 26, 2006

    i want one sooooooooooo bad if anyone wants to let e know how to get one myspace/smashleybacon

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  • darkwestern October 29, 2008

    DarkWestern Industries offers a +10 for this contraption.

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