Family Guy: Thunder Cats

Jesse U.
5,810 Views 1 decade ago

How old are you? I remember as a kind watching this cartoon and thinking these kind of thoughts. I always wondered why he never used that sword for some fun.

  • jgimages April 19, 2006


  • crazycory April 19, 2006

    That's some old school shit there, these 'Family Guy' writers are pretty freakin' good...should watch the show sometime...

  • justwrong April 19, 2006

    I think Eric Cartman had the right idea about this show

  • rockybalboa April 19, 2006

    Fucking LOL I loved those fucking cartoons. I hated the motherfucking "Snarf" or whatever the fuck was called the little fat bastard. I agree with crazycory these family guys writers are the shit.

  • cirrhosis99 April 19, 2006

    I want my 26 seconds back...

  • pitbull89x April 19, 2006

    hahaha "hey um nothing, nothing.......wanna get wasted or something?"

  • vervain April 20, 2006


  • calibaldie April 20, 2006

    Hey pitbull whats going on. I dont know jgimages but i think mumras up to something. lol freeking gay.

  • kkkkilla April 20, 2006


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