At Least The Car Is Fine

Jesse U.
4,492 Views 1 decade ago

These people will never learn. At least I hope they don't.

  • ronsxi April 20, 2006

    1st one biatchhhh

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  • whiteninja April 20, 2006

    Instead of putting it in reverse real quick he drove on and hit a couple more hell yeah.Thats how you do it.

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  • crazycory April 20, 2006

    Even though the roads are slick, and the spectators are crowded on a sharp bend, they never suspect? Obviously they never, ever check out this website...I bet there is 15 videos just like this one posted here, morons. "Hey, like some free race tickets? Uh, no thanks..."

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  •   thundermug April 20, 2006

    I like how he turned the wipers on to clear out the rest of those fucktards.

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  • hail2redskins April 20, 2006

    ill never understand why it would be a good idea in anyones stand literally right noext to a rac e track....with cars drifting around turns...and stand right next to the fucking track...seperated by a fucking rope.....fuuuuuuckin IDIOTS....ok im done with you

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  • briandee April 20, 2006

    He will go round again for a spare.

    Tenpin with rally cars cool !

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  • jacksonsguilty April 20, 2006

    The Fucktard 500

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  • archemedes_rex April 20, 2006

    The outstretched hand sliding down the windshield was a nice touch.

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  • iluvkissieface April 20, 2006

    Must be Marlin driving! Youngblood was behind this car with his half-breed mini-truck/Camero!!! I hear he wiped out the remainder of the crowd!

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  • youngblood48 April 20, 2006

    you damn skippy!!! stewart was driving though! somebody flipped him off earlier and he was gettin em back, i found out if you leave your tailgate down in the curves you can really fuck some people up.lols

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  • cirrhosis99 April 20, 2006

    Bowlin for bitches..Yeee Haaaa

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  • thesorrow April 20, 2006


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  • burton4life April 20, 2006

    he should of just backed up and kept racin, what do you say when you do something like this, um sorry, people should be smarter you see this kinda thing happening all the time but no one ever learns from videos like this

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  • calibaldie April 21, 2006

    Sounds like a bowling pin whe he ran into them people.

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  • cap-n_obvious April 21, 2006

    wow it's a good thing those people were there slow that car down. could have been a serious wreck

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  • kkkkilla April 21, 2006

    Talk about stupidity running over...I almost wanna say "thats what your dumb asses get". I didn't even notice if they were dumb enough to have their kids with em' standing in a sharp corner... These fucks must have thought it was a parade coming,with clowns, floats, and a marching band.

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  • pablosdog April 21, 2006

    Darwinism at it's best!!!

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  • zareste April 21, 2006

    Damn right the car is fine. Though it looks shocking, the 'European-style barrier' is the softest cheapest guard-rail you can get. You'd swear you landed in a cushy pile of goat manure.

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  • leopard April 22, 2006


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  • bigjim April 22, 2006

    Dumb fucking Mexicans.

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  • hatedogs April 22, 2006

    I so adore it when a bunch of pukes like you people go out to admire your little jap shitboxes and one of 'em runs the fuck over a baker's dozen of ya'. I can only hope that a few fat ass bitches brought their filthy dogs with 'em so they got fucking mashed too. Knocked 'em on they goddamn asses, didn't you little pimple squeezin' morons.

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  • nightshift187 April 23, 2006

    You know one of them people that were hit are watching their own stupid asses get handed to them on Crazyshit

    Bet ya thought you'd never be here huh? Oh, that's never came here!

    Now you know...SUCKA!

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  • calibaldie April 27, 2006

    big jim are blind i dont see mexicans just dumb ass stupid ass drunk dumb asses in thier. wipe out. well fuck they might be mexicans after all my bad jim.

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  • idiothater May 8, 2006

    HAHAHAHAHA..i don't think anything else need be said, when stupid people gather, funny and dangerous things happen!

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