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posted by Jesse U on 5/1/2006

Fuck Sportsmanship

I've always wondered if there are any drivers out there who just want to beat eachother up...now I know.
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
race car fags........... listening you nascar punks
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 2:39 PM

are you fucking kidding me? I’m first for this crap, what a bunch of pussis didn’t even take off their helmets
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 2:40 PM

haha "hit ’em with the fire extinguisher bob" They definately need to lose the helmets and bust each other up
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 2:55 PM

dammit my internet must be slow
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 3:00 PM

That had to be the worst fight I’ve ever seen..
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 5:49 PM

"Hey man, did’nt you see my signal" ?
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 6:21 PM

just like hockey these pussys never take there helmets off. final thought about this.....gay
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 6:45 PM

suprised this shit dont happen more
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 6:50 PM

jimages arent you late for the ballet? you are the fluffer, we wouldnt want those guys going out there to dance the flight of the bumble bee with out a hard on!
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 7:29 PM

by the way ^^^ thats not nascar, our guys would have drove back in got a new set of tires and come out an crashed his ass again!
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 7:31 PM

^^Right Blood...well except for pussy Jeff Gordon who tries to fight with his helmet on...Stewart almost got it again dude! Too bad Dale blew his engine, they could have worked together and made for a great finish!
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 8:06 PM

^^^^^true dat---fuck johnson!
posted on: 05-01-06 @ 8:15 PM

Hey crayshit muther fuckers i told you no more of these stupid muther fucking videos. fuck car racing . hey note to them to ass holes fighting. if you going 100+ mile an hour round and round some thing bound to happend. like an accident fucken fuck tard.
posted on: 05-02-06 @ 1:46 AM

calibaldie...don’t be hatin’ cause all you can drive is a tricycle! If you love soccer that’s OK! It’s America…it’s your choice. I won’t bash you just because you love a faggot sport! Apparently you’re just not smart enough to understand Racing! Racing is hi-tech…soccer is.....GAY!!! Put a soccer player in a racecar and he’ll say...Ah...How do you start this thing? Give a ball to a 3yr. old and... he’s a soccer player!!!
posted on: 05-02-06 @ 7:42 AM

zazu pitts
I will never understand why anyone would want to watch people drive their cars around and around in a circle. This is not a sport, it’s just traffic. Your’e just watching someone do what everybody does but at high speed. How about high speed car-washing or high speed grocery shopping. (Come to think of it high speed grocery shopping might actually be interesting and funny too. Definately more worthwhile than watching a bullshit car race.)
posted on: 05-02-06 @ 11:09 AM

From the last couple of soccer pics that were posted, soccer players would try shifting gears with a dick..
posted on: 05-02-06 @ 12:06 PM

zazu you can have your opinion, thats fine! i respect that! but go to one race and your little man in the boat will be standing and cheering forever!
posted on: 05-02-06 @ 3:06 PM

Give it up blood...Some people will never understand…racing is a way of life, not a sport. It’s either in your blood or it isn’t. Racing is the ultimate amusement park ride! Like I said once before, how the hell can you watch a 500-mile race if it wasn’t in a circle! Nascar has two road courses and no matter where you sit, you only see a one small piece of the track.
posted on: 05-03-06 @ 12:01 AM

calibitch, zulu potts, u both drive shit boxes that can only go 60mph, dont hate congradulate, they go almost 200mph, if u ever go above 140, u will see the thrill, its like every thing slows down. fucking awsome
posted on: 05-04-06 @ 9:47 AM

This is fucking retarded.....all car racing is for fags! Come on now admit it trailer parks are set up like race tracks!Fuck it if your raised in a doublewide,your gonna die in a doublewide!Fuckin losers!
posted on: 07-13-08 @ 3:49 AM

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