Face Vs Concrete

Jesse U.
6,803 Views 1 decade ago

It's like let me introduce my face to the pavement. That was just smooth. Maybe next time he'll slow down before trying to turn.

  • firedog1112 June 4, 2006

    face plant

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  • gasguy June 4, 2006

    sounds like that cunt gota real thrill outa

    evil-knevils fuck up

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  • wileys_farm June 4, 2006

    had to hurt

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  • cell_491 June 4, 2006

    WHAT A FUCKING WHORE...that cunt thought that was sooo funny and there was nothing funny about it at all. The dude could have been seriously hurt...what a dirty slut, id like to smack her face into the asphault

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  • ~ever~ June 4, 2006

    LMAO That was very funny.

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  • calibaldie June 4, 2006

    Ja Ja Ja that bitch is just laughing at this dumb ass but then you hear her in slow motion and she sound like the freeking devil.

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  • redwings June 4, 2006

    stupid fuck

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  • genericduck June 4, 2006

    I ride alot, and you're supposed to laugh when you crash, it's what motivates you to get back up, and try it again (without crashing).

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  • poolqt June 5, 2006

    bitch has an annoying laugh

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  • dinkydaumarine June 5, 2006

    Going back and forth didn't seem like a whole lotta fun. Couldn't they find 20 school buses parked side by side to fly over?

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  • jennycks June 5, 2006

    i think he found what speed is too fast for turning.

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  • vadouchebag June 5, 2006

    yeah we ride bikes, and we swim too

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  • youngblood48 June 5, 2006

    ^^^^lmfao... and we can float...thisisalittle dude they are on mini-bikes...ease-up

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  • calibaldie June 6, 2006

    yea vadadouchbag you fuck your sister and that dont make it right. Id like to add not all of us white dude fuck our sistes ok. only redneck inbreads like vaddouchbag

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  • cirrhosis99 June 6, 2006

    HAHA...weiners..must be another addition to the redneck summer olympics..

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  • vadouchebag June 6, 2006

    stick up for the niggers, u 1/2 breed ass motherfucker. and im not a redneck, i just dont like u fucking spicks sneekeing into our country not paying taxes and touching the white mans women. on top of that, is you useless will fail, i mean wellfair moter fucking niggers. i dont work to support your..... i need a hand out, chip on my shoulder, non english speaking asses! so keep talking shit u dumb mother fucker.

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  • 1shadow June 10, 2006

    that poor dumb shit he never saw it coming, his woman found it just as funny as I did. Leave it to the white guy to show us what bad drivers they are huh?

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