Family Guy: Jack Ass

Jesse U.
7,606 Views 1 decade ago

Do you remember this Jack Ass episode? That shit was funny as hell!!! Family Guy got it right with this one. LOL!!!

  • mxmillin June 14, 2006

    Damn I'm good!

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  • dinkydaumarine June 14, 2006

    lil ugzy, don't do your daddy like that. I know I promised to be nice to the little guy but I got this problem with being O.C. I'll take my meds,I promise.

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  • cookoocurrans June 14, 2006

    i think i would of liked the golf cart polo episode better....

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  • cap-n_obvious June 14, 2006

    what a shame, a show that was so freakin sweet turned into this garbage

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  • justwrong June 14, 2006

    the wife chick shoulda swallowed him when she had the chance

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  • jaws69 June 14, 2006

    Hey guys, new here!! I have been looking at this site for a long time,so its good to be a part of this SHIT!!!

    I have been on many other website forums and they all suck, to many MODS on nerd power trips.

    The girls on here are fucking red hot, keep it up!!!

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  • trakka June 14, 2006

    gotta give stewie better material or he's gonna be cummin for ya

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  • youngblood48 June 14, 2006

    wc jaws69...we all crack on each other, so hope your not shy...jg is the official greeter here...he will be with you soon...and by the way fuck you and have a nice day...

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  • ugzmystify June 14, 2006


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  • ichy June 15, 2006

    Still think it is a good show, though what the hell thinking when they wrote American dad

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  • caocao June 15, 2006


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  • calibaldie June 15, 2006

    didnt bother to see this sucky ass vid. fucken crazyshit. fuck youguys lol

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  • teamshowoff June 15, 2006

    death is near for all of us we will soon see the dark lord of death.yea yea yea ye a

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  • cap-n_obvious June 15, 2006

    yeah dude it seems cool at first until you find out that all those pix of our bitches are fake most of them are really 250 lb. guys named al, tony or bruno either aere construction workers or work in a slaughter house sorry to burst your bubble but it's great to have you here

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  • 2npink1nstink June 15, 2006

    cali, not a fan of family guy?

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  • tabithajean June 15, 2006

    $$$ has to be the only reason for that show, but if you think about it, the only way they can get money is from the stupid fucks that watch it and buy the merchandise LOL!! Probably some of the people in these pics and vids are the biggest fans!!

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  • izzy_phukdup June 16, 2006

    Actually it wasn't Jackass... It was Viva La Bam where Bam Margera Was Kicking his Dad, Phil's, ass all day long. There my have been a Jackass show like that as well But Bam definately di it as well

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  • pablosdog June 16, 2006

    why did he have to think of his happy place in bed? when I have to go to my happy place I go to bed!!!

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