Rally Wreck

Jesse U.
4,060 Views 1 decade ago

It's always cool watching someone else react to getting their ass tossed around in a car. Then you can say shit like I would have done this and that and some other bullshit.

  • boydy June 22, 2006

    first i thought these dudes were meant to be good drivers

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  • knucklefux June 22, 2006

    they're not meant to be, but they're supposed to be. obviously, that's not always the case.

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  • justwrong June 22, 2006

    man, If I was driving I would'nt have done that, I would've steered the car better and avoided the wreck. That was bullshit

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  • cap-n_obvious June 22, 2006

    i prolly would have crashed sooner

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  • base80balla June 22, 2006

    my first thought was its a simulater. but then after seeing the crash and what not i was like na


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  • fuckedinfresno June 22, 2006

    Dude was hard on the rev limiter. Rally crashes like that aren't to uncommon, funny how a 100 mph crash can happen and you can walk away but a 30 mph crash in a street car and you're fucked for life.

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  • mostyles June 22, 2006

    should have atleast waited till there was a few spectators standing around, done some of that rally racing 'crowd bowling' we all love so much

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  • eyenbackofhead June 22, 2006

    some people just shouldnt be racing

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  • youngblood48 June 22, 2006

    oh well.....

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  • kevin_kev June 22, 2006

    u dint notice but did ya see tht little jungle bunny run past and drop his banana skin in the road just before.

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  • calibaldie June 22, 2006

    may day mayday mayday

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  • sleezoidsycho June 22, 2006

    This often happens while checkin out the

    roadside beaver,(4)times for me....

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  • bacord18 June 22, 2006

    all your post have "dick" in it shitlooker.. you must still be horny from the pic of that girl from yesterday.. hope ya got that keyboard cleaned! lol oh yea..sweet video! i wonder how many pedestrians he took out..if it wasn't for rally races and iraqis, crazy shit would have like 1 video a day..

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  • mechanicman June 23, 2006

    Man what a halfassed driver , that wasn't a curve , it was a gentle bend , damned lucky to be alive after messing with all those trees.

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  • kkkkilla June 23, 2006

    OMG... What happened?

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  • meekneetind June 23, 2006

    very good insult shit lmfao

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  • bacord18 June 23, 2006

    oh..haha.. sorry i missed it.. yea, that flamer.. ain't nothing like a fine piece of female ass :) he probably is still a virgin, that's why

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  • youngblood48 June 23, 2006

    damn didnt take out nobody but himself...maybe backoff was there.... you fucktard...

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