Cowards Run

Jesse U.
8,701 Views 1 decade ago

Warriors fight it out, they probably ran and just laughed their asses off. It would have been better if they stayed beat his ass real bad and then walked away, like warriors talking shit about the big ass fucker they just beat the shit out of

  • jgimages July 3, 2006

    i love the guy at the end of the video.....big mouth got fucken nailed right in the's that shit feel dumbfuck......

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  • miked July 3, 2006

    ha ha big man run like little bitch! love it.

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  • tonybova July 3, 2006

    See the crowd part like the Red Sea when big man walked.

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  • youngblood48 July 3, 2006

    damn....hit and run tactics...

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  • jp5er July 3, 2006

    It looked planned, there was a guy in a white T-shirt just standing there waiting to get in a punch till a few guys jumped in to help the guy out, then he slinks off into the crowd. Fuckin pussies, he started hitting that guy when he was sitting on the ground! Then his buddy jumped in from the side. I'd bet money that the guy with the camera was in on it too, but he didn't have to run cuz he looked innocent! Fuckin' Cowards ALL! They'll get payed back someday!!

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  • kissieface3769 July 3, 2006

    God I am so glad to say that I was never at spring break. what fucking dip shits

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  • gen4x July 3, 2006

    the Black guy with big afro was pursuing the running little Black guy right? and the little Black guy got help from a white guy. and who knows how much help before the video started to record. btw, i dare any white guys to go to Spring Break in Virginia

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  • pitbull89x July 3, 2006

    wouldnt have been bad if whiteboy stayed the fuck out of it....punk bitch

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  • woody1331 July 3, 2006

    gen4x, been there SEVERAL times, and never had a problem. Why? you one of the pussy fuckers that roam in packs looking for a gang fight because you ain't shit by yourself?

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  • satanburger July 3, 2006

    Oh make this fun!

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  • unknown July 4, 2006

    Subzero is GAY.

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  • meekneetind July 4, 2006

    looked like it was gonna be a good fight.....happy 4th of july

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  • spittinvenom July 4, 2006

    that was lame..........what more can i say?

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  • youngblood48 July 4, 2006

    damn genx i hate when you go out for popcorn and miss the first part of the movie...shit

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  • snaggletooth July 6, 2006


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  • frank n. stein October 18, 2017

    Pussies jump in and then run away!!

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