It's Just Not His Day

Jesse U.
4,570 Views 1 decade ago

I bet he was thinking the worst was behind him...well it was sort of.

  • badger5 July 12, 2006

    that would have stung,french eh,......

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  • devildog04 July 12, 2006

    What! No blood or guts? WTF CS? Not livin up to your name...

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  • shocker420 July 12, 2006

    moral of the story sucks to be french?

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  • lolol July 12, 2006

    see now if that was a chevy then that wouldnt have happened.

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  • dizmo July 12, 2006

    Close the door turn out the lights, you know HE wont be home tonight!!

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  • owned129 July 12, 2006


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  • gasguy July 12, 2006

    french ad , say,s something about leave no witnesses, could be wrong , dont speak the lingo,

    but it sounded like that..yea yea thats what it is

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  • mad cow July 12, 2006

    gaz guy,lol,,,yur french is pretty good,,,all it says is respect speed limitts,lol

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  • sleezoidsycho July 12, 2006

    doz frogs gotta learn to drive their cars on

    zee wheels...

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  • redcalx July 13, 2006


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  • jacksonsguilty July 13, 2006

    Something like that happened to a friend of mine. He was driving down a highway in the middle of the night in Connecticut and came around a corner. There were about a dozen deer that ran out in front of him, so he swerved and hit the jersey barrier and some trees. He fucked up his new car, and it spun around facing oncoming traffic. When he woke up a few minutes later, some dumb slitch that wasn't paying attention was coming right for him. He tried to get out of the car, but he broke his leg and arm, and couldn't get out. She ran headlong into him, didn't even tap the brakes. Well, she wasn't injured, but he was all fucked up. She smashed in his door, so she's there trying to help him out, trying to open the door and shit. Well, now here comes a big rig, so she bones out and takes off screaming away from the car, leaving him for dead. You can imagine how scared shitless he was. Fortunately, the truck driver wasn't a jackass, and slowed down, stopped and rendered first aid, as well as called the cops and paramedics, and laid out flares. But the fucking bitch...

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  • jgimages July 13, 2006

    waaaaaaa ...please don't pick on me???? you said hi....we say hello go fuck yourself .....wrong website for seminary students

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  • yusaf July 13, 2006


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  • snaggletooth July 13, 2006

    fuck a buncha frog motherfuckers !!!

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  • harrharr July 14, 2006

    Mwahahaha, tell that bitch the rulz!

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  • sig_soldier July 14, 2006

    well, 2 less french people I guess..... oh well, eh madcow..... jk

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  • hatedogs July 14, 2006

    Well you're a turd.

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  • calibaldie July 18, 2006

    fuck france

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