Dave Chappelle: E Hollywood Story

Jesse U.
5,537 Views 1 decade ago

This is an old clip, but I have never put it up and I love it so here it is. When Dave serves them breakfast at the end.

  • stealmywheels July 26, 2006


  • 123654 July 26, 2006

    3rd give me a prize

  • hydrochronics July 26, 2006

    just like death comes in three's so do dumbasses^^^^^^^

  • clemenza July 26, 2006

    not bad,but the one with rick james is the best......fuck your couch nigger

  • ramafistfadge July 26, 2006

    stop puttin this shit on hes not fookin funny whatsoever!!!!give us a fookin break will ya

  • imbetu July 26, 2006

    so please tell me ... why does 1st impress you? Is it the only time you've ever been 1st at anything? ...I got an idea call your mom and tell her how accomplished you are! ....Oh sweet heart I,m so proud of you, wait till I tell your dad!!!!!

  • lovemonkey July 27, 2006

    Love Chapelle!

  • ramafistfadge July 27, 2006

    shit Chapelle!...you know im right.

  • xcookiesx February 1, 2009

    chapelle is the fuckin best. period.

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