News Become The News

Jesse U.
5,975 Views 1 decade ago

How embarrasing is it to cover a story and then become the story. What's even better is that there was another station there to catch it live.

  • boydy July 31, 2006

    damn journo's

  • 4leftturnsx500 July 31, 2006

    Fuckin' mechanical Dragonflys!

  • rappaport July 31, 2006


  • eyenbackofhead July 31, 2006

    id sue the fuck out of that dumbass pilot for hitting my house! after checkimg to see if he was ok first.

  • monkeynutsryou July 31, 2006

    back to the choppa. that was drawn out. i bet he had time to call his boys n be like holy shit you guys wont believe what im doing right now

  • satanburger July 31, 2006

    I mentioned rollcages earlier...I wonder if choppers have them?

  • briandee July 31, 2006

    Why did no-one use the ejector seat ????

    I'm kiddin I'm kiddin.

  • anna_lives July 31, 2006

    must of been a woman pilot

  • diesel91 July 31, 2006

    That pilot was actually pretty smart to get as low as he could to lessen the impact.

  • billdgar July 31, 2006

    copters dont glide as good as airplanes, but they can find a smaller place to land with less mph

  • ramafistfadge July 31, 2006

    cmon we all done that when you drop your cig in your lap!

  • imbetu July 31, 2006

    ^^^^ Iknow that feeling...Im no pilot, but it looked like he hung on preety good. And yae the eject button would have made a nice "twist" Get it ... "twist" nevermind

  • koochie_eater July 31, 2006

    "Mayday...Mayday...Control Tower this Zulu Vector 1...we got hit...we got hit!!! send Coast guard A S A P...wer'e going down hard..."

  • lovemonkey August 1, 2006

    ah duh! another fuckin muslim learning how to fly!

  • biggus_dickus August 1, 2006

    we have a blackhawk down. Get To Da Choppa!!!! As Arnold would say.

  • pablosdog August 1, 2006

    can't believe they all lived! almost every chopper accident I seen on the news recently had no survivors.

  • phylthy August 1, 2006

    Interview with Pilot after the accident >>>>>

    " It was all slowed down and shit, I was like whooooaaa and they were like whooooaaa but i couldn't stop it"

  • redcalx August 1, 2006

    reporters are aliens! thts y they lived,,,,,

  • jd8coke August 2, 2006

    What they dont show you is the guys dragging the pilot out and beating the shit out of him and blaming his injuries on the crash.

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