Red Brake Lights Mean They Have Stopped

Jesse U.
4,219 Views 1 decade ago

That's one nasty hit. I don't think that truck realized everyone stopped. He hit them hard.

  • jd8coke August 4, 2006

    I only have half a brain and even i figured out how to post early! ;)

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  • gtifilter August 4, 2006

    Are you that black kid who had half his brain blown off and lived?

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  • princessara August 4, 2006

    they look like match box cars

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  • bacord18 August 4, 2006

    its unfortunate that 4 people were killed b/c some idiot doesn't know how to drive..going way too fast for being inside a tunnel..

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  • boydy August 4, 2006

    fuckin hell, i thought that fella in the mustang was a bad driver

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  • kasterone August 4, 2006

    6th biatches...

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  • phylthy August 4, 2006

    He just got done at the DMV with the road test.... another fine graduate

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  • harrharr August 4, 2006

    I'll say a few casualties, and off the rec i have damn sweaty and smelly balls (i hate this boxers, makes my package sweat like devils armpits)... i need to take a shower.

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  • seven_hunt August 4, 2006

    go wash your balls harrharr...where did this happen...which tunnel??

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  • hail2redskins August 4, 2006

    omg that was very impressive....i can only imagine how fubar the guy who got sanwaiched u think he saw it barraling down on fucking crazy...ebuff to make a nigga go craaaaaaaaaazaaaaayy

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  • youngblood48 August 4, 2006

    those people in the car got to be dead...

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  • 4leftturnsx500 August 4, 2006

    WOW...Yokita...WTF were you thinking? LOL See what happens when you hire an illegal to drive your rig for 10cents a mile! He was on the cell phone asking his boss which pedal was the brake and his call got dropped when he entered the tunnel!

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  • koochie_eater August 5, 2006

    This is what happens when you drive a car! Cars are inherently dangerous.No escape from where you are in that tunnel;...Your'e always stucked in Gridlock traffic somewhere to where your'e going half the time...There are way too many cars going in the same direction your'e headed but the size of the freeways are still the same,you have to pay tolls on any given bridge. And to Top it off; The Oil Companies are Fucking you in the Ass by means of High Gas Prices then laughs at you on their way to the bank!!!(That Really Sucks!!!)Do yourselves are favor, If you are commuting alone and no passengers!?...Own & Ride a Motorcycle.Great Gas Mileage,(I get 50/MPG!),I don't pay toll on bridges (mo'sicles are free),and Parking is a non-issue(I park wherever I please!).Cars are already way too passe...The Future is in riding motorcycles :)

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  • 4leftturnsx500 August 5, 2006

    Kochie...I agree but if you run a delivery service. Where do you put the 2000 lbs. of product? I'm fucked paying $3.10 a gal @ 10 MPG!

    What pisses me off is the fucking oil companies are getting on the news saying they are making BILLIONS in profit...FUCKING BUSH could care less!


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  • kkkkilla August 6, 2006

    Damn, looked in the mirror and saw death coming

    and didn't have time to do a thing about it.

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  • danw1 August 6, 2006

    it was a woman driving

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  • koochie_eater August 6, 2006

    4leftturnsx500: Bro...i'm a delivery route driver too! i only stated that Riding Motorcycles as a personal vehicle IF you commute Going TO AND Leaving your workplace.It is really imperative to use trucks and vans to do the delivery...but don't recommend it having one unless you have your own company.I guess we're all FUCKED because of bush not doing anything about this Gas Price Crisis.I just heard recntly that the Oil Companies made...(hold on to your hat): $10 BILLION in the 1st 3 months of this year 2006 ALONE!!!They said that they're making a staggering $110,000/ a minute!OMG! I'd kill to have that amount of money per minute!Bush isn't helping bcoz that he himself is a Oil Barron and don't give a shit about us as long as he makes he's profit... :(

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  • troyboy August 6, 2006

    i like it its total shit

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  • dinamo August 11, 2006

    This was in Croatia,Europe ten days ago.4 people was killed, 2 women and their kids. Truck driver was driving for 12 hours straight, and the police think he felt asleep. He survived but dasnt remember anything.

    And pardon my english, it sucks pretty much.

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