Bullet Vs Sword

Jesse U.
8,328 Views 1 decade ago

Who said don't bring a sword to a gun fight? This just goes to show that a sword can stop a bullet.

  • bacord18 August 5, 2006

    seen this before..that is awesome!

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  • gtifilter August 5, 2006

    cut that shit rite in half,....im wet.

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  • imbetu August 5, 2006

    They shot a sword?... Hmmmm

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  •   wicked_m4 August 5, 2006

    Well it split the bullet, NO SHIT. The bullet is made of copper and lead, both are soft metals. Shoot the sword on it's side, then see what happens as the blade takes the brunt of the impact.

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  • netheo August 5, 2006

    That sword would have shattered into 3 million pieces if they fired a dum dum bullet.

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  • ramafistfadge August 5, 2006

    wicked-m4 stop spoilin it for some people,please. and netheo ive told you a million times stop exaggerating!!!lol

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  • 4leftturnsx500 August 5, 2006

    Hell...the sword just cuts the bullet in two, thus you get hit in two different places...Only a dumb fuck would bring a sword to a gun fight anyway so what's your point?

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  • rappaport August 5, 2006

    hahaha is really handy to have a sword in a gun fight hahaha

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  • lolol August 5, 2006

    well i guess if you brought a m4a1 you could just keep shooting until eventually one of the guys legs is shot off.

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  • eyenbackofhead August 6, 2006

    yay the shit eaters know how to shapen a sword!!! aint gonna do em no good unless it hits the blade!!! there's alot of room for maragin of errror there u can move a gun quicker than sword!!

    i'll stick w/ my guns

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  • kkkkilla August 6, 2006

    Better than a fishing knife for beheading.

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  • koochie_eater August 6, 2006

    They Probably used a lead bullet. Now try using a Full Metal Jacket bullet or better yet: a dum-dum or a wad cutter bullet; that sword don't stand a chance!!!

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  • namehere37 August 6, 2006

    this is old they shot it with a 50 cal and it rips the sword apart but if your stupid enough to bring a sword to a gun fight make sure you video tap it and put it on here so i can see your dumbass get killed

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  • pablosdog August 7, 2006

    Chuck Norris brings a knife to a gunfight on purpose........ wadya think stubart, any good? My CN joke I mean.

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  • katrinahihi October 28, 2006

    fuckin gooks...almost as bad as chuck norris....

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  • xantradorn December 7, 2007

    it's not stop, you just get shot with two instead of one

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