A Serious Jaw Breaker

Jesse U.
3,525 Views 1 decade ago

You always heard stories about the kid who had a seesaw hit him in the face, but you never really saw it, well now you have.

  • bildo619 August 6, 2006

    That kid who jumped off would be getting an ass woopin

  • kasterone August 6, 2006

    6th biatches!

  • jumbo118 August 6, 2006


  • miked August 6, 2006

    ha kids.

  • likemeballz August 6, 2006

    ahhh that should clear the head........nighty night

  • the ridgeruner August 6, 2006

    My grandma says "Teeth are over rated anyway." And my Grandpa agrees. What the fuck are they talking about???

  • ~ever~ August 6, 2006

    stupid white kids

  • netheo August 6, 2006

    Why do they always end the clips when you want to see more? I wanna see more of the broken jaw on the see saw when he's on the floor.

  • eyenbackofhead August 6, 2006

    now thats how u fuck a freind ur mad @ !!!! lol

  • darkklown August 6, 2006

    Why does someone always have to bring up race why cant you just say stupid kids or dumb fucken robbers but insted say white,the(N)word,wetback,fag,or anything else I hate a lot of people but i dont think of their color

  • depraved012 August 7, 2006

    He was too old to be on a see saw anyway so its only fair.

  • rainking187 August 7, 2006

    Looks more like a see saw getting hit with a kid's face to me, but whatever. Now if it had come up and hit him in the chin, then that would have been fucking priceless.

  • pnutt August 7, 2006

    That will sober you up real quick

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