Burn Mother Fucker, Burn!!!

Jesse U.
3,865 Views 1 decade ago

When he said he wanted to smoke this roach I thought he had something else in mind.

  • badger5 August 7, 2006

    if smokings bad for you how come it cures salmon?

  • darkklown August 7, 2006

    dude salmon tastes great it helps salmonella and other things but i dont think it cures them

  • cdc069 August 7, 2006

    Dumass klown, he means cures, as in smoked, like cured ham. Retard.

  • gundevil August 7, 2006

    I have better roaches than that

  • wheelsatv August 7, 2006

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  • bacord18 August 7, 2006

    omg!! that was insane!

  • pablosdog August 7, 2006

    no clip?

  • 4leftturnsx500 August 7, 2006

    Wow! Did you see how fast that guy's dick caught on fire?...........

    OUCH!!! FUCK...THAT WAS MY DICK! Fuckin' hot seed fell on my dick!!!

  • assholistic August 7, 2006

    No clip... what happened

  • blaed August 9, 2006


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