Mongoose Vs Cobra

Jesse U.
4,082 Views 1 decade ago

Now I think in an open enviroment the mongoose would have won, but I seriously thought the Cobra was going to fuck that mongoose up in that little area.

  • badger5 August 7, 2006

    not playing either,....was it an ac cobra?

  • darkklown August 7, 2006

    what the hell how can we come up with smart ass coments if we cant watch it

  • cdc069 August 7, 2006

    whoops, someone forgot to include the video when they posted it.

  • shocker420 August 7, 2006

    2 for 2

  • boydy August 7, 2006

    mine aint playin either, its a rerun anyways

  • likemeballz August 7, 2006

    i cant even make a funny.......sad day in entertainment....ill have to go to the bar and laugh at cripple nipple now

  • gundevil August 7, 2006

    really really close

  • wheelsatv August 7, 2006

    clip won't play..............................

  • 4leftturnsx500 August 7, 2006

    Look Jesse...we know what you're doin' here. You don't have any new clips to post, Do You?

  • assholistic August 7, 2006

    Suxs -

  • imbetu August 8, 2006

    no movie... eleven posts... guess we dont need anything... will improvise... go back to sleep JESSEEEEEE

  • pablosdog August 8, 2006

    it plays now but is a little boring. Don't know what clip you saw Jesse, but the mongoose won in this environment as well.

  • bitteroldman August 8, 2006

    Too bad the mongoose and snake didn't jump out of the cage and start attacking the towel-heads.

  • cdc069 August 8, 2006

    the only reason the mongoose won is cause the ragheads kept fucking with the cobra

  • miked August 8, 2006

    for fucks sake what a stupid fuckin vid. fuck when does the fucker die? you can see this shit on the cartoon channel.

  • stealmywheels August 8, 2006

    that was dumn the fucking mongoose tired the cobra out it was boring so for everyone who didnt see it you didnt miss anything

  • tebo78 August 9, 2006

    Mongoose was pretty damn quick though

  • sickpuppy46 August 11, 2006

    hahahah the fuckin asian guy and the white dude HAHAHA "oh dats make uh duh cobra angry" "hahahaa"

    oh and i think mongooses have an appetite for cobra.

  • calibaldie August 20, 2006

    fucken cobra you cock sucking stupid muther fucker son of a bitch i just lost 20 buck yon you asshole.

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