Taking Out The Trash

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I'm not exactly sure what was going on, but that looked like it might of hurt pretty bad. That had some force behind it.

  • rappaport August 8, 2006


  • kkkkilla August 8, 2006

    wtf was that all about?

  • phylthy August 8, 2006

    i agree wtf???

  • princessara August 8, 2006

    how'd u get that scar on ur face.............a really bad dumpster accident...........wtf

  • monkeynutsryou August 8, 2006

    it was 80mph winds at a baseball game. got that mofo huh. yes fred i really cant believe the weather we are having either, i was so looking fo BOOOOOOOOOM!!! gotcha beeitch

  • cadillacricket August 8, 2006

    It was a St louis Cardinals home game, and the storm knocked out power for thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands.

  • pablosdog August 8, 2006

    fuck off filithyfich. the more you post that the less likely I would be to go there, idiot!

  • likemeballz August 8, 2006

    watch where your going.......or that could happen to you......

  • koochie_eater August 8, 2006

    Pow!!!...Right In The Kisser!!!

  • imbetu August 8, 2006

    Is that what they call a wind tunnel ... Hey Pablo? what did I miss? (thanks for your thoughts btw)

  • kai-cat August 8, 2006

    Those winds totally trashed St. Louis. Then a heat wave came and killed people that didn't have power. Mother nature's a bitch.

  • eyenbackofhead August 8, 2006

    hello!!!!! DUH!!!!! big object moving move the fuck out of the way!!!! DUH!!!that sumbitches cheese done slid off his cracker!!!! DUH!!!!

  • wheelsatv August 9, 2006

    What the Hell was That????????

  • sickpuppy46 August 11, 2006

    I loved the guy filming it he sounded so concerned

  • junior December 3, 2006


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