Stop Resisting, Stop Resisting!!!!

Jesse U.
3,561 Views 1 decade ago

Those cops went ape shit on that kid. My god once they start, they don't really stop do they?

  • darkklown August 10, 2006

    he got by a few of those stinkie Pigs fuck cops

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  • thebirdbiotch August 10, 2006

    makes you wonder what the hell he did

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  • namehere37 August 10, 2006

    its some other country i wish our cops where like that kid the shit out of people so they dont want to do anything wrong but whatever

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  • sleeko August 10, 2006

    Hey "namehere37"...They're kicking his ass cause he couldn't spell, either.

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  • youngblood48 August 10, 2006

    now thats how ya beat a motherfucker down...cop style....

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  • 4leftturnsx500 August 10, 2006

    namehere37 wrote:

    its some other country i wish our cops where like that kid the shit out of people so they dont want to do anything wrong but whatever ...I agree with you dude....if cops gone town be return drugs didn't drive at the right door maybe you ate fish

    funny you said house to one about nine or tommorow would be gate to the tarmac at Christmas if the sun down happened inside the west nile virus yesterday. Yeah!

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  • idoitupsidedow August 10, 2006

    another example of racism in the US. Them nigga's beat the crap out of that honky.

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  • byteblock August 11, 2006

    ----A TIP FOR THE COP HATERS WHO SWARM ON THIS SITE WHO ARE PROBABLY BLACK GUYS ANYWAYS---------whats on the video is in some other country! its not in south central LA or whatever shithole you clowns live in.

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  • imbetu August 11, 2006

    the comments are just amazing

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  • biggus_dickus August 11, 2006

    I Agree

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  • kkkkilla August 11, 2006

    byteblock, gotta give it to ya. Atleast you didn't scream NIGGERS like other asswipes on here. And oh,I likeded da polices. they be nice sometimes, but not all da times. FUCYOU. Oops,I'm sorry. I gots dat disease dat make you twitch and say fucyou allofasudden. didnt meanit FUCYOU Ooops

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  • ramafistfadge August 11, 2006

    BANG! thats for makin BANG!us BANG!fuckin chase BANG!you BANG!half way BANG!across BANG!town!

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  • pablosdog August 11, 2006

    ya! they hate it when you make 'em run! if they scream stop and you don't, make fucking sure you get away. good one 4leftturns hahahahaha

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  • britsontour August 11, 2006

    thats what happens when your the only rioter!!

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  • bigpoppa August 11, 2006

    Wow all that fuss over a parking space, this world is getting violent everyday. That goes to show you NEVER LET YOUR METER RUN OUT OF TIME, the goon squad is watching.

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  • juevos_grandes August 11, 2006

    4leftys you are a god among men, that is the funniest shit i have heard since no one is making fun of popethedope anymore. how long did it take you to type that?

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  • youngblood48 August 11, 2006

    ^^^^^^^^true first i said shit hes drinking again and then i reread namehere's ...i am rofflmao.......good one shit, errr 4left...

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  • stealmywheels August 11, 2006


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  • pnutt August 12, 2006

    idoitupsidedow there is only 1 black it again and open up your eyes. and byteblock it must be the shitty way you were raised but you are a complete jack ass. The majority of black guys I know make more in a month than your daddys farm and your gas station tips bring in, in a year. You are a sad little pink reptilian.

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  • kikittykat August 14, 2006

    ^^^^^ i know that's right lol tell em

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  • nmanmpl August 24, 2008

    yeah! yeah! get'm! who are we cheering for?

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