Car Vs The Cameraman

Jesse U.
2,352 Views 1 decade ago

After watching this a couple of times, I'm starting to believe that this may have been a stationary camera on a poll. What do you think?

  • chuckj892 August 13, 2006

    hahahahahahahaha FIRST

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  • colts_fan August 13, 2006

    ok extreme close up bitches 2nd

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  • kin2inuyasha August 13, 2006

    How is it stationary if it was tracking the car?

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  • youngblood48 August 13, 2006

    what is this rally training session or what...see they train them to knock out the spectators...

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  • likemeballz August 13, 2006

    if it would of been a camera man then why the fuck didnt he jump out fo the way.......

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  • the ridgeruner August 13, 2006

    Sounds like Porn at the end.

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  • eyenbackofhead August 13, 2006

    looked like my wife's driving! lol

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  • juevos_grandes August 13, 2006

    ^^^ even your wife can probably drive better than that, he could have driven straight through there instead hotshot said lets whip out the ass end and try to kill someone.

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  • yokiti August 13, 2006

    I believe they call that autocross. You find it at some care shows and rallys. Joe Blow gets a prize for the best time. Or a bloody broken winshield as in this case.

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  • pablosdog August 14, 2006

    I hate getting blood on my windshield but what 'r ya gonna do? People squirt blood when ya hit 'em hard enough.

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