Monthly Man

Jesse U.
6,470 Views 1 decade ago

What guy in his right mind would want to do this kind of shit....well besides those little girly homos

  • fuk_u_crakers August 24, 2006


  • kkkkilla August 24, 2006

    zzzzzzzz he could just suck on her tampons. I've seen it before on here.

  • facialetizia August 24, 2006


  • devildog04 August 24, 2006

    Now at least we could have an excuse to be an asshole for one week of the month.

  • yokiti August 24, 2006

    I'd bang the shit out of that gal. She was a cutie!

  • darkklown August 24, 2006

    that pill would be great for playing jokes on people

  • eyenbackofhead August 24, 2006

    ditto darkklown lol!

  • lousypoopface August 24, 2006

    kkkkilla thats wierd dude...

  • calibaldie August 24, 2006

    Hey facialitizia your not 2nd post.That dude looks like hes read to start serial killing and eating black mens dicks. Fucken ass wierd dudes.

  • biggus_dickus August 24, 2006

    So if you take the pill do you bleed out of your ass?

  • cap-n_obvious August 25, 2006


  • nightninja87 August 25, 2006

    that guy seems soooooo gay just cut off his dick and put it on her shes more manly them him

  • depraved012 August 25, 2006

    Women are great-They have an excuse for being bitches their whole life.When they have their period its all those nasty hormones causing it.When they are old there isnt enough of those hormones so they flip out.In the old days it was called shut the fuck up and put up with it.Have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up you whining maggots.........Oh yeah and suck my dick while you are at it.

  • douthinkicare August 25, 2006

    i wounder if she shares her didlo with him too hahaha

  • douthinkicare August 26, 2006

    wait......... i dont wanna know!!!

  • gop_stoner August 27, 2006

    Those are the whitest people I've ever seen

  • commoneagle August 27, 2006

    kkkkilla wrote:

    zzzzzzzz he could just suck on her tampons. I’ve seen it before on here.

    ...................................................what kkkkilla no racial comment like only a white couple could propose such crap or boy my homies would never do like them whites or or or any thing else eh!!

  • kkkkilla August 28, 2006

    ^^^^Nawwwww..You got me figured all wrong Eagle. You know that that's not my style. Maybe you haven't read enough of my posts. You know when I'm making racist comments, it's retaliation on some nazi fuck. You should know that. That's how WE met..Remember???

  • pablosdog August 28, 2006

    don't bother with him kkkilla, commoneagle just sees what he wants to see.

  • gop_stoner August 28, 2006

    I see dead people

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