We're In Trouble Now

To serve and protect. Who's Bad?!!!

  • jd8coke August 29, 2006

    123456 loves bukkake from french monkeys smoking weed!

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  • eyenbackofhead August 29, 2006

    lol but truthfully the are michael jacksons near any place with alot of jacksons in the phone book!

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  • princessara August 29, 2006

    in small print....I'm all for the little people

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  • bacord18 August 29, 2006

    that would suck to have that name...go shoot your parents..

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  • ~ever~ August 29, 2006

    He'd come over and make you children assume the position and do a body search on them.

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  • kkkkilla August 29, 2006

    Yea right...A MoonWalking Sheriff. He'd fit right in with the rest of them assbackwards fucks.

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  • the ridgeruner August 29, 2006

    Last summer in Grand Rapids MI, There was a dude named Michael Jackson that shot two cops and was on the run for two days. It made the news kind of funny. Only this guy was black, not white like the real Wacko-Jacko

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  • cap-n_obvious August 29, 2006

    not as bad as if he was the new kindergarten teacher, "billy what's the name of your new teacher?" "he's mr. jackson, but he says to just call him michael"

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  • teamshowoff August 29, 2006


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  • exxtaasee August 30, 2006

    campaign slogan:

    Vote for michael.... he'll put the bad kids in handcuffs and spank them. Heeeeee heeeeeee, schamoan

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  • stealmywheels August 30, 2006

    i dont get it Justin Ross?

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  • biggus_dickus August 30, 2006

    There's a new sheriff in town motherfuckers!! And he will moonwalk all up and down yo ass!!

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  • depraved012 August 30, 2006

    Sherrif Jackson. He will keep the kids off the streets and on his dick where they belong.Hes just another crazy white fucker

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