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That shit will snap his arm right the fuck off.

  • behellzebub November 7, 2006

    hes saying and when you touch this it snaps your head right off

  • cardel72 November 7, 2006

    It sucks being down range. Be nice and smuggle some alcohol to your favorie service member

  • stuccoking November 7, 2006

    thats one fuck of a mouse trap!!can it be used to get rid of a few muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zedex November 7, 2006

    Has to be a Canadian -- they cannot pass a beer

  • doc November 7, 2006

    General Order #1 SUCKS!!!

    There is a ton of alcohol in Iraq and Afghanastan, its the Upper Command that imposes no drinking.. And Rightably so. Drink it up when you get home, but stay sober while your there. Its tough, been there done that and got the T-shirt to show for it.

  • cap-n_obvious November 7, 2006

    dammit I would fall for that any day, prolly twice a day

  • diducthat November 7, 2006

    is it me or is his pants tucked into his boots, nasty army rubbing off on us

  • username2 November 7, 2006

    Brother said in nam' they wanted you to drink a couple a day. I say, No beer, fight your own fucking towelhead cause I'm going home 5150! Wonder if the weed is as good as nam'?

  • fhwrestlr November 8, 2006

    Put a fucking camel or a bag of sand on there and you got yourself a new way to catch terrorist.

  • skababy69 November 8, 2006

    alright, line the iraqis up.

  • thundermug November 8, 2006

    I'd go for it. It's all about the beer.

  • doc November 9, 2006


  • moonchild69 November 9, 2006

    oh shit!!! hey, the early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese~~~ lol

  • jhlfalls November 19, 2006

    How to catch a snitch thats funny

  • xcookiex August 17, 2009


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