Talk About Abuse

And we're not going to stop until we get it right.

  • tree88 November 10, 2006

    So, that is why my socks are so stiff????

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  • behellzebub November 10, 2006

    theres nothing wrong with that,,,but is he on the back seat of a taxi

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  • kin2inuyasha November 10, 2006

    Too cheap to buy a fleshlight eh?

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  • gottiku November 10, 2006

    must admit, that was funny as hell.

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  • diducthat November 10, 2006

    I always pull the sock on a little more....

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  • jo5erock November 10, 2006

    Funny as hell?? well I haven't laugh yet so I don't know about that, plus why use fucing socks? what happened to the pie? haahaha

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  • just4orfun November 10, 2006

    and your going to put your foot in that,haha---home made foot care!!!!!!!

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  • u8one November 10, 2006

    um....yo dude...I could give shit what your dick looks bout a little manscaping....ya know groom a little. Cause it looks like a horn is growing outta the top of Buckwheats head.

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  • bubbacrow November 10, 2006

    ha ha ha, look, i can use my thumb and forefinger to make my dick look like it isn't small....

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  • 4leftturnsx500 November 11, 2006

    I hope this guy doesn't have athlete's foot infection...that dicks gonna be pretty itchy if he will all fall off...stupid fucker...why not use a Kleenex?

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  • mermaid_w_legz November 11, 2006

    why do you guys cover your cocks when you wank anyhow?

    is this standard jacking off procedure?? lol

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  • nywtf November 11, 2006

    ^^^LMFAO^^^!! GOOD QUESTION!!??..And,Why Is It That This Dude's Pecker Looks ALOT BIGGER Than MOST WHITE MALES??? Does Viagra Make One's Pecker BIGGER??...LMFAO!!

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  •   jesse69 November 13, 2006

    Mermaid z-indians shoot it in the air to see which way the wind is blowin'! HA

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  • markieb November 13, 2006

    maybe he has grass stains on his feet they say protien fights protien

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  • thebirdbiotch November 18, 2006

    not all white guys cocks are small i had an exboyfriend we called "The Vanilla Nigger" cos he was a white guy with a big ass cock but my hubby holy shit hehehehe

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