Bad Ass Boeing

That just looks baller.

  • buddernutts November 13, 2006

    I want one!

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  • bruiselee November 13, 2006


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  • tweek312 November 13, 2006

    ^^^ur not first loser so shut the fuck up^^^ - goddamn teenagers

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  • totalslaughter November 13, 2006

    anyone know anything about that thing?

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  • jdarren November 13, 2006


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  • tree88 November 13, 2006

    That is a model....very small

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  • tree88 November 13, 2006

    Boeing to Begin Ground Testing of X-48B Blended Wing Body Concept

    X-48B Blended Wing Body (BWB)

    Click image to view Photo Release.

    These images are available for editorial use by news media on: boeingmedia

    EDWARDS, Calif., Oct. 27, 2006 -- In cooperation with NASA and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing [NYSE: BA] Phantom Works soon will begin ground testing of its X-48B Blended Wing Body (BWB) concept in preparation for flight testing early next year.

    The X-48B ground and flight testing will take place at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California, where two high-fidelity 21-foot wingspan prototypes have been delivered.

    The prototypes were produced to explore and validate the structural, aerodynamic and operational advantages of the BWB concept. They were designated the "X-48B" by the U.S. Air Force based on its interest in the design's potential as a future military aircraft.

    "Earlier wind-tunnel testing and the upcoming flight testing are focused on learning more about the BWB's low-speed flight-control characteristics, especially during takeoffs and landings," said Norm Princen, Boeing Phantom Works chief engineer for the X-48B program. "Knowing how accurately our models predict these characteristics is an important step in the further development of this concept."

    X-48B Ship 1 completed extensive wind tunnel testing at the Old Dominion University NASA Langley Full-Scale Tunnel this summer before being shipped to NASA Dryden as a backup to Ship 2, which will be used for flight testing early next year.

    In preparation for first flight, the X-48B Ship 2 will undergo ground testing to validate its engine- and fuel-system integrity, battery endurance, telemetry link communication, flight-control software, and low- and high-speed taxiing characteristics.

    The X-48B's three turbojet engines will allow the 500-pound, composite-skinned, 21-foot wingspan prototype to fly up to 120 knots and 10,000 feet in altitude during flight testing.

    The X-48B research project is led by Phantom Works, Boeing's advanced R&D unit chartered to provide innovative technology and system solutions to meet future aerospace needs. Cranfield Aerospace, Ltd., in the United Kingdom built the two X-48B prototypes for Phantom Works in accordance with Boeing requirements and specifications. NASA's participation in the project is focused on fundamental, edge-of-the-envelope flight dynamics and structural concepts of the BWB, while AFRL is focused on the BWB's potential as a flexible, long-range, high-capacity military aircraft.

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  • diducthat November 13, 2006

    ^^^^now what speed can it go, how about the range and cargo?

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  • kkkkilla November 13, 2006

    That looks like that sting-ray that took Stevie out.

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  • sleeko November 13, 2006

    totalslaughter... It's a prototype, with the goal of silent (or very near to) flight and very short runway requirements.

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  • beast2612 November 13, 2006

    judging by its wing structure it is designed to be a slow, long range, stealthy plane

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  • tripod November 13, 2006

    Nope to most of the above: It's basically a B-767 with big fillets between the forward fuselage and the wings. Would allow for fuel efficient supersonic airliner flight. Big winglets out on the wing tips would serve to keep air from spilling over from under the wings to the upper (vacuum-lift) wing surface. Great for economic supersonic flight and low approach speeds to typical major airports. Should replace the Concorde, which was retired a year or so ago.

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  • jo5erock November 14, 2006

    It is a Boeing X-48B mainly white, with one of the wings red and the other one blue, looks like it has three engines and I guess is just photoshop thing because I don't think that such airplane can land in the middle of the Mohave desert it would fuck up the wheels. Did you like my descripion? better than the one from tree88 hahahahahahahahahaha

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  • hornetmaker85 November 14, 2006

    Just so you know... this is not a military type aircraft. Did anyone keep up w/ the X-prize? This may be the next space shuttle. This is a joint venture between Boeing & NASA. This is not a stealth type aircraft because the turbo-fans are mounted externally and would produce a high radar signature but is what you might call scramjet technology. I work in composites for GKN Aerospace and we do work for the Phantom works (former Macdonnell Douglas) and the Skunk works (Boeing) This is an EMD (early model demonstrator) They usually build 4 or 5 of these... two are flight capable and the others get beat up, dropped, shot at, and set on fire.

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  • jo5erock November 15, 2006

    ^^^isn't that amazing? can somebody hire me to beat up, drop, shot and set on fire fucking airplains? please!!!!!!!!! hahahaha sounds like a fun job.

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  •   kentuckymakers November 16, 2006

    the program was cancled

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  • hornetmaker85 November 17, 2006

    I did some more research...this is not full scale... there were several scaled down versions made. They have yet to make a full scale version.... joe5rock... what is really fun is when we get to shoot soccer balls at them simulating bird strikes... fun :^)

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