Summers Eve

Mom? Have you ever had that not so fresh feeling.

  • loft3166 November 15, 2006

    Someone please knock the cunt out

  • king_dingaling November 15, 2006

    Looks like he's enjoying that hamster he stuck up his ass.

  • ~ever~ November 15, 2006

    ahint for his woman no doubt.

  • hornet6 November 15, 2006

    Not only is this guy a stupid cunt, what's on the box? Autographs???? Gotta wonder about his friends now, too!

  • zedex November 15, 2006

    you all missed the point: he is a douchbag

  • mermaid_w_legz November 15, 2006

    THANK YOU Zedex! scrolling down the posts I didn't think anyone was gonna 'get it'~

    oh yeah.. nice to finally see a pic of Nazi la Douche bag extraordinaire lol

  • bubbalew November 15, 2006

    looks like he has to take a shit.

  • youngblood48 November 15, 2006

    at least he has a built-in applicator...

  • dirtbag69 November 15, 2006

    hes eating a apple to get that taste out of is mouth.trying to give is old lady a hint.with the box I guess dude maker get some of them strawberry favor eatable under pantys it kills the smell. oyea hi mermaid

  • copenhagenman November 16, 2006

    douche bag for sure. even without the bag.

  • diducthat November 16, 2006

    bet that hillbilly outside kicks his ass

  • jo5erock November 16, 2006

    O.k. I always say shit about niggers now this white dumb fag makes me feel like beating the shit out of him, look at his fucking faces he looks like he's got down sindrome

  • magnumjack November 18, 2006

    Jo your one fucked up motherfucker

  • jhlfalls November 18, 2006

    The douche for the butterfly pussy now i see the connection!!!

  • tattoo November 19, 2006

    looks like the fucker needs an enema!

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