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  • getrealfast December 13, 2006


  • spydablakk December 13, 2006


  • gurtman23 December 13, 2006

    if the tits were still there i would hit it, maybe a blowjob

  • ~ever~ December 13, 2006

    is that... MJ? His surgen must have been hi and got too happy..or had the munchies.

  • xshaniquax December 13, 2006


  • nazi December 13, 2006

    leggy[s][z] that you...?

  • satanburger December 13, 2006

    I think this is the victim of Japanese cannibal, Issei Sagawa, who walks free in Japan as we speak. Check out the story. It's incredibly fucked and written in his own words.

  • nickkk December 13, 2006

    Snack time!

  • mermaid_w_legz December 13, 2006

    sick sick sick.. and fuck off Nazi, you insignificant little space worm!

  • badboyscott December 13, 2006


  • youngblood48 December 13, 2006

    dont wory legz...he only knows 3 that you...

  • boogie December 14, 2006

    hey nazi,gagagoegoe,fuckin moron,blow it out your ass twinkled toe little faggot.

  • deathwish December 14, 2006

    We have got some evil people on this...... should kill every one of them, but slow.

  • diducthat December 15, 2006

    she has the Kun Fu grip

  • teamshowoff December 16, 2006

    look what those nigger did to the white pure race we must eliminate this niggers, me and my associates are buying a watermelon patch of 20 acers, are plan is to grow watermelons and donate them to the niggers for free, we are ingecting a hormone killing syrum in each watermelom, we will get ride of this niggers yea yea yea yea yea we are the pure race

  • thebigd December 21, 2006

    "To teamshowoff" Very good but be sure to let "wolfsgal" know before you pass them out so she can get her last NIGGER FUCK. When there gone she will not get any more, no white man would touch her after fucking a NIGGER.

  • kerryxoann January 13, 2007

    i have notihng..

  • denubis September 5, 2008

    im sorry but thats kinda funny it looks like shes smilin if you look close at her face.

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