Short Story Of The Year

Sounds like an everyday occurance to me.

  • jesterbitch852 December 15, 2006

    must be a whore. how many guys will it take to find that baby's daddy????? geovir go stick your hand in a meat grinder and make sure to turn it on.

  • boogie December 15, 2006

    ummmmmmmmm,are u on acid?

  • yourblackgod December 15, 2006

    UMMM and your and a bag of donated spunk there boogie you fuckin ass bandit fuck you shit for brains

  • diducthat December 15, 2006

    that the type of gal you would like to grip your hands around her throat as you fold her over the end of a old dirty couch

  • jesterbitch852 December 16, 2006

    I don't follow trash unless I'm planning to cut it up. So if you think I'm following you then you might wanna look for the hatchet to come down on your neck.

  • ramafistfadge December 17, 2006

    now thats some fooked up crazy shit!!!!!

  • thebigd December 18, 2006

    Did God really fuck Mary? I win-- I win--I win

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