User Submitted : Clint Malarchuk

Yeah clint's not looking to good, he's a bloody mess.

  • badger5 February 6, 2007

    clean that shit up and finish the game,.....

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  • cheezy February 6, 2007

    i saw this video, he got his fuckin throat sliced by another skater.

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  • hottmale February 6, 2007

    get up and stop being a pussy

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  • xshaniquax February 6, 2007

    daaaaaamn homey

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  • ramafistfadge February 6, 2007

    remember when you were a kid . when you cut your finger you used to squeeze it so that it kept bleedin? thats what he's doin.

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  • boogie February 6, 2007

    ^^well if thats the case,I hope that fucker keeps on squeezing.

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  • wac301 February 6, 2007

    For all you real men this the most badassed sport in the world they give a 6ft piece of lumber and sharp ass blades on your feet let you fist fight THIS IS HOCKEY!!!!!!

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  • imbetu February 6, 2007

    Yep^^^^We used to play the game in Virgenia ,on a lake with trees poking up every where...the trees were like extra players...we used a plastic bottle for a puck... we used sticks for sticks.........the only one that died was my dog ...he fell thru the ice... that was a bad day

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  •   big_daddy305 February 7, 2007

    xshaniquax wrote:

    daaaaaamn homey ...... there's always the token black person that says shit like.. "daaaaaaamn homey".. or "that was wack".. or "you feel me?" or something dumb to make the rest of them look like complete morons.. doing a good job shaniqua! doing a good job.

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  • satanburger February 7, 2007

    Is it head forward or head back when you've got a nosebleed? Forward doesn't seem to work when you've got your throat slashed...just shove some kleenex in there Clint.

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  • lifegoesonlnda February 17, 2007

    awww poor baby..what happened?

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