Two Ways To look At This

Guys : you can check her out before you marry her. Ladies : you can check him out after he proposes. Either way it's a two for one kind of deal. Hell you can even look at it like a insurance policy.

  • diducthat February 11, 2007

    how about a cheapass lawyer's office and knife/gun store close by

  • floridacracker February 11, 2007

    must be in alabama or something

  • thebigd February 11, 2007

    The mental health is much cheaper

  • tripod February 11, 2007

    I should have gone to the mental health dept. first. I could have saved the price of the marriage license!

  • big_daddy305 February 12, 2007

    Fuck it. I met my ex-wife while she was applying for a divorce at the mental health clinic.

  • mmsucksideways February 15, 2007

    i dont even know what to say to this-get a bigger building

  • misslatin215 February 15, 2007

    hey daddy that explanes why she's yuor EX wife!!!

  • mrhollaout April 18, 2007

    Same difference

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