Wierd Japanese People

Very strange, nice people.

  • siamesegoth February 18, 2007

    I don't know whats fucking worse. the fact that this girly anime shit is actually made, or that i recognise the fucking charters from my kids cartoon time in the morning.

  • mydogguinness February 18, 2007

    why does he look like he just shit himself?????

  • yourfired February 18, 2007

    because theres a shit eater you can't see in the picture...lol

  • captainsaveaho February 18, 2007

    Fucking wackos

  • 1tothedome February 18, 2007

    Thats correct yourfired - im sure that someone is eating shit within 100 feet of where that picture was taken.

  • theblob06 February 18, 2007

    they look like fukn twins cept one of em seems a bit retarted

  • foxyfoxy February 18, 2007

    this is what happens when you get nuked not there fault

  • boogie February 18, 2007

    dosent he mean eatin 78% of the worlds shit!!

  • entertainingly February 19, 2007

    how about we put 2 fat bitches at McDonald's with a sign saying "America, producing 78% of the world's fattest people" muahahahahaa

  • boogie February 19, 2007

    ^^and this is why i dont feed md's or shit ta my kid's!!

  • misterbriggs February 19, 2007

    those bitches have way too much money.i think we should nuke them again and let them pay for the rebuilding this time.retards

  • kinslayer February 21, 2007

    Would be nice to run spellcheck on your poster first!

  • sheky May 5, 2007

    what I see is white-fear for asians n blacks

    who are gonna rule the world soon.Not just with the economy but everything else. Remember little people with "pyjamas " whopped ur white asses in vietnam with nothing but booby traps!

    HaHa white power, suck it!!!

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