Man With Out A Face

This is what happens when you get shot in the face with a shot gun.

  • firefighter76 February 26, 2007

    first bitches

  • racefan February 26, 2007

    Hey, they gave him rabbit ears!! Hahahaha

  • behellzebub February 26, 2007

    if i were to pose like that,,,i would have cut the lawn first

  • hornetmaker85 February 26, 2007

    loose spinner

  • gunnutt February 26, 2007

    see what happens when to fuck with the u.s.m.c

  • 1tothedome February 26, 2007

    I think he was shot in the back of the head. But does it really matter? No. He doesnt know the difference

  • imbetu February 26, 2007

    This pic would be nothin without the saranwrap!...I'm gonna copy ,print and frame this , then I'm gonna put it over the fire place...Hey honey what do you think?

  • copenhagenman February 27, 2007

    they got the 35 cents, his car keys and cigarette lighter out of his front don't know why they didn't take that $1.99 belt buckle too. and firefighter76, who gives a big fuck who's first. i'm tired of that shit from EVERYFUCKINGBODY!!!!!!!

  • carnutts4sure February 27, 2007

    Definitely an execution style shot to the back of the skull with a large caliber weapon such as the ones that white policemen use on young black males to keep them from reproducing !

  • theblob06 February 27, 2007

    I once saw a man without a face but then I meet a man without a ?????????

  • kkkkilla March 1, 2007

    He Still had time to PRAY... That's so awesome. Wish we ALL could be that lucky.

  • uhoh-boobies March 2, 2007

    yuck - dead man boobies

  • themirror March 6, 2007


  • mrhollaout April 18, 2007

    Say no to skimming when you launder for drugdealers.

  • bigpun February 13, 2009

    one day late one day 2 late now his mom has to pay the bill

  • valel April 14, 2009

    Thats what going to happen to cocky racist white boys that like to talk shit.

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