Side Impact

He has to tuck and roll, tuck and roll.

  • racefan March 4, 2007

    Everyone knows you don't wear black shoes with a blue shirt!

  • mydogguinness March 4, 2007

    walk it off pussy.

  • entertainingly March 4, 2007

    looks like the photographer was ready to take this pic...hmmmm

  • suckit March 4, 2007

    yeah were the fuck is the driver as well anyway ha ha hope it hurt like a mother fucker

  • shovel March 4, 2007


  • tribalgoonerbo March 4, 2007

    Heeeey!!! thats as fake as fuck...

  • youngblood48 March 4, 2007

    racefan wrote:

    Everyone knows you don’t wear black shoes with a blue shirt!

    you can if your pants are black....ha!

  • detroitleanin March 4, 2007

    Hope it was a car salesman.

  • gagher March 4, 2007

    i hope he´s a politician, a cop, a priest, a shrink, a unionworker or... nah fuck it i hate just about everybody, hope he got glass in his asshole though...

  • izzumn54 March 4, 2007

    tribalgoonerbo... dude if that was fake the why the hell is it on here then there is no fuking proof that it is fake!

  • copenhagenman March 5, 2007

    he didn't have to be run into by the car. he could have fallen on it. in which case there didn't have to be a driver. his facial expression is right on.huh?

  • darkreaver2008 March 5, 2007

    now he is having a bad day

  • tribalgoonerbo March 5, 2007

    Heeeeey!!! izzumn54!! can you see any driver in that big old grand cheerokee, sure as hell I cant..No speed blurs either!!!

    Lets see some real crazy shit like those dirty fuckpig nippons shitting in each others mouths...

  • deadwatcher March 6, 2007


  • crashtest69 March 6, 2007

    i bet his boyfreind made him do it

  • remingtons_s March 18, 2007

    Happened to me once.

  • mrhollaout April 18, 2007

    Tony Soprano is driving season 1

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