She's Gonna Blow

Get that lady to a hospital immediately it looks like her water just broke. Even if it didn't she's gonna make a mess sooner or later. Shame on those other mothers for standing around and watching while that lady spills amniotic fluid all over the floor.

  • cheezy April 22, 2007

    wow, big baby in there.

  • crashtest69 April 22, 2007

    pssst (in a whisper) quick run up and put your finger in her butt...sshhhhhhh

  • skoal36 April 22, 2007

    that ugly bitch is gigantic, at least 8 ft tall and 300lbs on the hoof

  • beyondskrewed April 22, 2007

    and to think im gonna look about like that in 6 months :(

  • white666wolf66 April 22, 2007

    beyondskrewed, ^^^^ you might wana get a tan, if your gonna look like her, all the kidys are like WHF mum is this a cult?

  • ramafistfadge April 22, 2007

    fookin hell get ready with the catchers mitt!! how many's in there?

  • theblob06 April 22, 2007


  • thebigd April 22, 2007

    I think a pregnant woman is a beautyful sight.

  • youngblood48 April 22, 2007

    HAPPY B'DAY BLOB.....damn we got to know these things........i'm drinkin one to ya's right now.....and her titties must really be small...cuzz everybody knows the tittie monster comes to see ya.....

  • atom April 22, 2007

    I'm a preggo perv so I'd hit it. But why is it allright for pregnant bitches to show off naked in front of kids? If that was some random naked chick those other bitches would be running to the cops.

  • pharmer April 22, 2007

    damn... wheres that show held?

  • beyondskrewed April 23, 2007



    Don't worry, i'm not that white :)

  • detroitleanin April 23, 2007

    all i know I DIDNT DO IT ^ hi

  • theblob06 April 23, 2007

    atom thats what the feminazis call art. Probebly got knocked up with a turkey baster

  • sleeko April 23, 2007

    This is NOT the way to curb world over population.

  • beyondskrewed April 24, 2007

    Unfortuantly I miscarried, SO I guess i wont be looking like that in a few months :Sigh:

  • sleeko April 25, 2007

    ^^ Try, Try again..^^

  • beyondskrewed April 25, 2007


    I don;t wanna try again

    I'd gladly go through the baby makin steps,! But no babies!!!!!!

    L:mao, I shoulda never gotten preg in the first place, I was SPADE!! LMAO

    But it happens

  • billywang April 26, 2007

    i would hit it!just worried about ahand grabbing me cock when i slip it in

  • beyondskrewed April 28, 2007


    Well if a hand the size of the tip of ur thumb can grab ur wang, u hae issues hun

  • cock-luvn-cunt October 19, 2008

    dude, its a statue, by that guy who does life sculptures, i cant thinkof his name

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