Walter visits the hospital

Sometimes in a bears life you have to make decisions. Walter decided he was going to be part of his babies life. He wanted to make it to his son's birth but a fatefully wrong turn would change his life forever.

  • lickadslit June 25, 2007

    Just send him up to the cancer ward ,those fuckers ain't gonna make it anyways

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  • sleeko June 25, 2007

    Which room is Yogi, in?

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  • judasz June 25, 2007

    Could of been the smell of rotting flesh from the burn ward.

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  •   kane June 25, 2007

    Them fuckers would be in deep shit, but the bear wont eat gays.

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  •   rodgtard June 25, 2007

    hey boo boo, wheres the maternity ward? hey hey!

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  • tree88 June 25, 2007

    Why does the bear have only three legs????

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  • skoal36 June 25, 2007

    why do ya think it is in the hospital^^^

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  • copenhagenman June 26, 2007

    ain't that the damn shits? wrong place. wonder why yogi don't have his hat on.

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  • twistatoe June 26, 2007

    Damn!! that's kinda scary! I've been up close to a black bear before, and you never realize how big a fuckin' bear is until you're close enough to see the ground bein' pushed underneith their massive paws, and see them sink into the soft dirt. It's a life altering experience !

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  • youngblood48 June 27, 2007

    hope he dosent have united health care...if so hes fucked....

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