So close... Yet so far away

I hope that cheese tasted good because that will be the last thing to pass this critters lips. At first I thought that was a fake eye put on him after he got trapped. Then I realized it was real. Nature is so wonderful.

  • judasz June 28, 2007

    Chicken skin works better cause you can jam it into the hole and make them tug at it.

  • punannyluv3r June 28, 2007

    Get "Cheese" Or Die Tryin'

  • lickadslit June 28, 2007

    Micky had an eye popping experience!

  • kane June 28, 2007

    ^^^ That he did.

  • spearchucker June 28, 2007

    One of the three blind mice!

  • sleeko June 28, 2007

    No 72 virgins, for you ...RAT!

  • rodgtard June 28, 2007

    hes lookin at the other mouse thats comin around to fuck him in the ass!

  • skoal36 June 28, 2007

    think he can still make it get me 50 ccs of something medical and some gauze

  • tree88 June 28, 2007

    Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!!!!

  • copenhagenman June 29, 2007

    that's a good mice. the only kind i like. a good snack for shitlooker's cat.

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