The beloved beer angel

This is a less well known angel that only comes to to college frat parties. It may not be as popular at the snow angel but it's way more fun to be surrounded by beer than covered with freezing ass ice.

  • roperacer July 1, 2007

    is he lying in spilled beer or did he piss his shorts

  • spearchucker July 1, 2007


  • playwithit July 1, 2007

    ive seen this before.

    a severe case of drunk with a side of smart drunk friends.

    poor fellah

  • kane July 1, 2007

    There's the 99 bottles of beer from the wall.

  • mrratty July 1, 2007

    I wanna see him stand up, without knocking any bottles over.

  • youngblood48 July 1, 2007

    looks like a public place...the cops will get to test out their tazers.....

  • pinnocio July 1, 2007

    ^^^^^they used the tasers, thats why he pissed himself!

  • copenhagenman July 2, 2007

    he's past drunk. he's FUCKED UP! been there. done that. unfortunately. if i got tasered i wouldn't have known it. or didn't know it.

  • lickadslit July 2, 2007

    Would have been better if his"friends" had super glued the bottom of the bottles to his skin and made him look like a porcupine

  • youngblood48 July 2, 2007

    could you imagine goin to the er....buwahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaa....

  • skinafuckerrus July 4, 2007

    fucking drunkard sumbitch is probably out cold and got owned.

  • xantradorn August 14, 2007

    In Polish: "piwny orzeł" (beer eagle).

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