The secret is out

Finally after all these years of research scientist have come up with a defninitive answer for why the sexes are so different. Much like dinosaurs had brains in their asses men also seem to have a larger more dominant brain in their lower abdomen.

  • sleeko July 5, 2007


  • lickadslit July 5, 2007

    I have a heart on for you twist

  • rodgtard July 5, 2007

    twistatoe, aint it great to be loved?

  • judasz July 5, 2007

    AHHHH damn no comment

  • behellzebub July 5, 2007

    sums the world up,,white girl black heart white boy black dick,,live and let live

  • madbasturd July 5, 2007

    yippee bring it on bitches, ahem,

  • twistatoe July 5, 2007

    yes boys...yes it is. Ya'll make me smile ear to ear, everytime I come on here!!! I fucking love crazyshit. And it is an awful truth, isnt it??? :D Well...not so awful for ME..but for alot of women it can suck :D

  • youngblood48 July 5, 2007

    they forgot to put dollar signs out by the womens heart...

  • gilmertx July 6, 2007

    another interacial hookup damn swirles gona be every where

  • skinafuckerrus July 9, 2007

    get your DNA checked you r more swirl than ya think

  • irons4289 July 15, 2007

    make her have two hearts one in her head

  • masterofallpok September 8, 2007

    lol she can have one where he dose too

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