They will win!

It's hard to know when the time will come but when it does jews with curly haired sideburns will start falling from the rafters and display to the world the ultimate martial art.

  •   kane July 18, 2007

    The new Mel Gibson movie, starring Tom Cruise.

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  • gilmertx July 18, 2007

    thats worse than a nigger and ifuckdogs cumbined to bad hitler dident finish what he started

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  • lickadslit July 18, 2007

    Clever bastard took a shit in the middle of the road and nobody noticed

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  •   rodgtard July 18, 2007

    whats the difference between a jew and a pizza? a pizza doesnt scream when you put it in the oven!

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  •   rodgtard July 18, 2007

    weres twistatoe?

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  • atom July 18, 2007

    She's under the Jew's coat.

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  • sleeko July 18, 2007

    I'll be send'n Twisty home, tomorrow.

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  • blaed July 18, 2007

    What do they call Jew poop? Menorah! (buddum chee)

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  • sleeko July 18, 2007

    That's John Travolta, in drag. "Ah, Ah, Ah Stay'n alive, stay'n aliiive"

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  • spearchucker July 18, 2007

    Hiel Hitler

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  • hillbilly5150 July 18, 2007

    He's distracting everybody with his hand gestures to cover up what's really going on which is he's actually scratching his balls on his leg. Typical jew tactic. Distract you while they jack gas prices up to $3.15 a gallon.

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  • hillbilly5150 July 18, 2007

    Does anyone else think he looks like George Carlin a little bit?

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  • judasz July 18, 2007

    Again LAME

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  • dogpound227 July 18, 2007


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  • crusaderrabbit July 18, 2007

    Synagogue of Silly Walks.

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  • tweek312 July 18, 2007

    Not all Jews are "JEWS" - Just most of them.

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  • skoal36 July 19, 2007

    fucker is bout to put the shinie curse on someone

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  • ronsxi July 19, 2007

    fuckin stupid lame asses all of u.

    u gyus hate jews so much u know why ill tell u why.

    israel is so small and jewish population is also so small and where ever u see a big business there is a jew on top of it right?

    jews are god's people u cant let the jealousy kill u guys.

    jesus was jewish right? ilove how u guys say u love jesus but hate the jews. who the fuck are u guys? u guys are not jewish go die.

    i mean the whole bible is revolving around jews and u guys are happy to be different religion.

    well lets get back to why u hate jews.

    1 they are smarter

    2 look how small of a nation they have and u still see jews on top of business world wide.

    3 biggest t.v channels are jews.

    4 i mean look at steven spilberg compare him to other producers then u can understand why jews are smarter.

    at first when i was a kid i taught everyone had a brain but then when i grew up i found out the jews are smarter.

    they were just gifted what can u do?keep being jelous?

    there is a saying that saysmay the jealous people die lol i have a better one.

    may the jelaous live long and keep being jelous

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  • hillbilly5150 July 19, 2007

    Jealous of jews? I've heard it all now. Jews are the work of the devil. All they have done since the beginning of time is cause human suffering. FACT: They have been forced out of every society that they were ever part of. After gaining control of the banks & what-not in Germany, The jews had everything so high that noone could afford anything and the population was suffering and finally Hitler knew he had to deliver his people from evil so he started exterminating some bastards. The jews started the war with the good people of Germany and got exactly what they deserved. Jews used dirty tactics in order to get the land and form Israel during this time. They essentially robbed the land and started murdering the people that lived there and still today it is going on. Israel needs to be nuked off the map and jews need to be forced out of America 'cause we're tired of paying out the ass for everything & over 3 dollars for a gallon of gas. I find it odd that every major TV station in the U.S. is jew owned & operated. Jews were always good at using the media to spread their propaganda. NukeIsrael & Rense are great places to start to get educated about dirty jew bastards and they have FACTS there for your hungry brains to digest. A lot of things to make ya go HMMMM.

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  • ronsxi July 19, 2007

    lmaoooooooo work of the devil? so jesus worked the devil u say?

    if according to ure bible jews are jesus's children then jesus is devil acoording to you right?

    fuckin dumb ass

    go learn alittle before u write something!

    hitler was so jeloaus that he killed all the jews dont u understand that's why people dont like the jews bec everywhere u look it will say jews are gods chosen ones even in ure bible.

    and people like u are so jealous that they dont want the jews to be here anymore.

    but that's alright hilbily keep reading what u read u make so much sense with it lmfaooo

    i was on the floor for 5 min when i read that shit.

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  • hillbilly5150 July 19, 2007

    My god has blonde hair and blue eyes. Here, son. Watch this. You might learn something about jew bastards.


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  • hillbilly5150 July 19, 2007

    Here's some more jew boy.

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  • hillbilly5150 July 19, 2007

    I saved the best for last kike. ENJOY.

    rense/general71/zzon.htm Also, jews did make a deal with the devil and here's the proof. rense/general31/zionist.htm

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  • hillbilly5150 July 19, 2007

    Racial Characteristics:

    Living proof that money can't buy love, these greedy, usurious, scheming Christ-killers, who won't eat pork because it reminds them of their parents, go around moving into other people's countries and buying up all the pawnshops and delicatessens. They were personally responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, the 1929 stock market crash, and the loss of World War II by a prominent European country. Now they're ruining show business. Their fiendish heathen religious rituals include mutilating the penises of their own sons and drinking the blood of Christian babies during Lent. The world's nations have historically competed with each other to see who could get rid of them fastest. They control the legal, medical, psychiatric, and accountancy professions, and are the force behind international communism, freemasonry, sex education, the media, and the catholic church.

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  • ronsxi July 20, 2007

    lmaooooo fuckin fag ure quoteing something someone wrote that doesnt make any sense?

    are u that stupid u redneck

    whitetrash fag.

    ure saying about mutalatiing the penises?

    well jews were first to do so right?

    how come the whole world now does it?

    how come u fuckin fag how come after 5000 years that people laughed at the jews thweyare now doing it?

    all of them so go shove ure thumb up ure ass and whistle dixie.

    of course jews will take over businesses bec they are smarter then ure hilbily ass.

    and the bible says dont eat pork for a reason.

    did u know that pork doesnt sweat? its like ure eating a dog u fuckin faggot go learn alittle before u comment.

    how come god said dont eat monkys?

    how come he chose the pig?

    that means the bible is true back then we had no microscopes and shit.

    u know what just keep being jealous like i said before.

    i love watching ure jelaous ass getting all mad that jewsa re rulling ure world.and u cant do shit about and die

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  • ronsxi July 20, 2007

    lmfao omg i just went to rense and i just looked at the other that is wrintg those paragraphs and i just want to laugh go look at him and come back and talk to me.

    wtffff where did u find this guy.

    belong in the zoo.

    maybe he can be in alice in wonderland lmaooo

    both of u guys belong in candyland u hilbily

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  • hillbilly5150 July 20, 2007

    Did you just compare a pig to a dog?? WTF!? Bacon's goood. Pork chops are goood! Dog is mans best friend. Your baby-raping religion means less than nothing to more & more people everyday. The jewish holy book the Talmud permits Marriage and sexual intercourse between children and adults and endorses a number of other vile, sickening sexual perversions that are unexceptable to civilised people. The Talmud allows female babies three years old and younger to be legally raped by adults, that is jewish law. The only concern for the Kike "Holy Men"

    is to ensure that the adult is not, technically speaking, in violation of

    any of these evil talmudic rules. Whether or not the perverted action is

    acceptable just doesn't come into question. Baby raping to the Hebrew Rabbi filth is just a trivial matter.

    It is like a slight poke to the eye that causes no lasting damage.

    The Pedophilic doctrine is contained in a number of Talmudic Mishnahs. It is obvious that sex activity between a grown man and a little girl, and between a grown woman and a little boy, is a part of everyday Talmud life; such relationships are ordinary. There is no prohibition on sexual activity between adults and young children it is

    simply just regulated activity. This is just the beginning of the perversions. Hitler was too liberal and didn't finish the job and now people all over the world are suffering! Israel needs to be nuked off the map. The animalistic behavior of pediphile jews(terrorist) is disgusting and is why jews have been exterminated from every society that they've ever been part of. It seems that no matter where I go, gas stations, stores, etc., people are talking. The mass' are either talking about greedy jews and the suffering that they're causing all of us or they're talking about nigger crime. This is good...well I guess it's not if you're a minority or a foreigner...

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  • ronsxi July 21, 2007

    are u stupid or what?

    u go and qoute what he says? does he know what hes talking about?

    where does it say that jews can rape babies are u fuckin styupid?

    1 of the 10 commandmetns is dont rape!

    are u that stupid or what?

    get out of the bubble and brain wash that dude gave u that fuckin fairy guy, iam still laughing at hes picture.

    and if you check about crime you can see that jews are the least and loweset amount of any race or riligion in the world.

    but again ill tell you u are just jealous and i cant do nothing about it and i gurantee u that your idol got the sausage from a jew i dont know he might hada business goin and the jew took it from him lmao now hes all pissed.

    oh and by the way answer this thing since ure christian.

    if jews are the chosen ones and they are jesus children,then god is thier father and if hes thier father he is jewish too right? i mean he cant be mexican.

    so its obvious u are jelaous but like i said keep reading what he said.

    and check and read about what i said and come back for change

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  • hillbilly5150 July 21, 2007

    I don't give two shits about fairytale religion. Especially baby raping, blood drinking, penis mutilating religion. I refuse to be born into debt to a mother fucking hook nose kike and made sure that my kids wasn't born with that burden and make sure that they know about the scamming jews and minorities alike so they can protect themselves. Have you noticed all those Fema detention camps being built all over the nation? Gee, I wonder what those are being built for. That's rhetorical. Another thing, Your broken english is laughable at best. Why don't you use spell check you third-world retread. NUKE ISRAEL! Well....after the white man stretches out that fine Israeli pussy.

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  • nontoxichate July 21, 2007

    I love when JEWS try to tell us dumb white people how to live .. It would be so easy for me to just tell you im a skinhead and i think you should be run over with a truck but thats not my style. Now about the jew juice it is crazy that you want over 3$ for that shit so i say make moonshine and fuck the jew bastards .. Now hit your knees you jew bastard ... And by the way i see that you say you are gods people but i did not see you say you killed christ !!!!!

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  • ronsxi July 22, 2007

    was it us that killed him?

    was it me? ure mad at my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather.

    and it was still not him it was the romans wasnt it.

    so it wasnt the jews but u like to blame it on someone so go a head blame it on the jews.

    that is why jews sucedd they forget byut not forgive they move on i mean look at the halacaust 6000000 jews died and do u still see them talk about it like black people wont stop talking about slavery?

    no right that is why jews are better then u in anything they do.

    so listen white trash computer nerd trying to get some attention go mind ure own fuckin business or go to rense and laugh alittle.

    go to home page and look at this dudes idle lmaooooooooo

    i always remmeber him and iam laughing lmao

    after hillbily saw him he probably stoped going to hes website lmao.

    he stopped commenting here that redneck

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  • hillbilly5150 July 22, 2007

    You call me a redneck like it's a bad thing? Why don't you learn how to type english you illiterate hook-nose, terrorist sumbich? Actually, jews cry about the so called "holocaust" way more than niggers do about slavery. 6 million jews is a HUGE over estimation of the holocaust. I wish it was 6 million but there is no evidence supporting that number so I would say it's MAYBE around 1 thousand. Again, another distortion by jews to try & get pity from the white man so that white people don't start cleaning the earth of vermin sooner than later. Also, I'm not white trash. White trash are skanky people with no shame who live in projects & mix with minorities. Unlike your pig fucking mother, I have more pride than that.

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  • nontoxichate July 23, 2007

    Aw my hook-nose friend it did not take long for you to bring up the ''holocaust'' did it ?? Not all niggers talk about slavery , but all jews do talk about the holocaust . And the rest of your post where you tryed to be funny , well i guess its like food stamps ....You get them i don't .. WHITE POWER !! BTW Hillbilly5150 '' cleaning the earth of vermin '' is killer ..

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  • ronsxi July 24, 2007

    hillbilly and non toxic hate if u cal ure self hillbilly then u must be white trash and ure white u computer nerd.

    first of all u said the jews took over the business's in europe and made everything so high right?

    well that means they are smarter right?

    i mean they werent born rich, they used thier braines to get to whre they are.

    now until today mother fuckin white trash like u envy jews:)

    and when i call u a redneck i mean it bec u are and u know it. ure just trying to make people think ure a hillbilly but u are a redneck.

    and when u call me a jew i am a half jewish and half italian so that is no insult iam a jew!

    but u are white trash racist redneck. that hates everyone but white people.

    i dont have a problem with black people i dont havea problem with mexicans i dont havea problem with no race i dont even havea problem with u guys its just that i get happy to hear the hate u guys got towards jews that shows that the jews are still on top i wish i was fully jewish!

    god didnt choose and made the jews hes people for nothing did he?

    that's what i taught that way u can keep biting ure fingers and say fuck man this guy is rich he must be a jew

    and u said that jews talk about the halacasut right?

    and i told u and ill say it again we forget but not forgive we dont talk about it and bring it up in conversations and the reason i said it was bec hillbilly freind lmaoooo the funny looking one that washed hes brain said that only 1 thousand people died in the halacasut and that jews just exaggerate.

    well how can someone exxagerate if videos show the massive killing?

    its not a story like ure funny freind tells u.

    its things u see in your own eyes.

    and all u guys are dying to be jews since jesus was but u guys are just waste of sperm.

    so please please please go read what ure freind writes and keep being jelaous lmao.

    oh and by the way we dont need pity from white man. we got everything a white man wants all the white mans dreams and that is why u hate the jews.

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  • ronsxi July 24, 2007

    i mean even the title says it

    "they will win"

    everyone knows it so get out of ure bubble and bow down

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  • hillbilly5150 July 24, 2007

    Why is the rhinoceros jealous of Jews?

    Jews have bigger noses. Why does a Jew pick his nose?

    It's cheaper than using a tissue. What do Jews and niggers both like to ride?

    Blondes. Why does the Jew do after one of his friends leaves?

    He checks the sofa for loose change.

    What repulsive thing can be found in a Jew's clothes?

    The occupant. What has a big nose, stinks, and acts like a repulsive jerk?

    The typical Jew. Why did the gas company fire the Jew?

    He was allergic to gas. Why don't Jews eat pork?

    The Torah prohibits cannibalism. Where does the Jew look for dates?

    Porn sites. Why does the Jew hate his own reputation?

    The truth hurts! An Italian was on trial for rape.Standing in court the judge invited the accused to explain what had happened.

    The Italian began,’ Well ,I took offa ma shirt,she took offa her shirt.I took offa ma pants,she took offa her pants.’

    The judge interjected,’ Was there consent?’

    The excited Italian blurted out,’ Si,your honour,I got cunt scent on my moustache,I got cunt scent on my fingers,I got cunt scent everywhere.’

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  • ronsxi July 24, 2007

    i liked the one with the sofa that was funny:)

    but i understand u understood the truth.

    and got no comments.

    now stop being so racist and keep being jelaous

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  • hillbilly5150 July 25, 2007

    Just so jew know, this is the correct way to spell>JEALOUS. Jealous of you? Jealous of you? I'm not jealous of any jew! Kike Kike rode a bike but you know he didn't buy it 'cause his ass is too tight.

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  • idhitit August 11, 2007

    Jewz hit it.

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