Prepare to be Sucked off

This sign seems to have two different possible meanings. Sometimes you gotta take a chance to really get what you want. Now stand next to the high speed train stop, close your eyes, and start prayin for that suckoff. It'll be the best or the last one you'll ever have.

  • kickass-1 July 29, 2007

    I want to go to penrith and get sucked off :O)

  • judasz July 29, 2007

    Myth busters disproved that myth. You actually get blown off. either way, at least you don't have to pay.

  • oicu8abullet July 29, 2007

    It'll be great, you go first.

  • hillbilly5150 July 29, 2007

    This sign is just for polelocks.

  • rodgtard July 29, 2007

    rastus!rastus!comedown off that platform fore a train come by and suck you off.and rastus said come on train!

  • loft3166 July 29, 2007

    been there done that

  • sleeko July 29, 2007

    I think that sign is in North Hollywood, Ca.

  • jesslove22 July 29, 2007

    sweet! at least i wont have to do it tonight.. honey lets go to penrith

  • madbasturd July 29, 2007

    ive been to penrith, ah the home of knuckle draggers and window lickers, makes ya proud to be british, thank fuck they are all there and not spread round the rest of the country and that sign had been nicked loads of times and they STILL replace it

  • playwithit July 29, 2007

    free suck!!!!!!!!

  • lickadslit July 29, 2007

    come on train!

  • geargrinder65 July 29, 2007

    ^^^Don't you mean CUM on train????^^^

  • skinafuckerrus July 30, 2007

    with towns like this,who needs wives

  • polo1o1 August 2, 2007

    i live about 30 miles away from penrith theyve kept this sign up

    there been no complaints..


    cumbria!!,united kingdom

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