Fat pasty American girls fight Fat pasty japanese girls

Next year all of the Japanese sumo wrestlers are gonna go to America and play softball in some weird suedo lesbian exchange program. You gotta admire them for their organization.

  • lickadslit August 3, 2007

    If that fat bitch gets on top one time its over

  • spearchucker August 3, 2007

    Bread makes me poop

  • judasz August 3, 2007

    The one with brown hair on top Id hit.

    Others Id shoot.

  • juggalo_4lyf August 3, 2007

    butchey bitches....eh id hit the one on top in the first pic

  • sleeko August 3, 2007

    Does that blonde, in the last pic, really think she has a chance?

  • skinafuckerrus August 3, 2007

    chucky my fists are gonna make you poop teeth if you dont stop fucking around like a pimple faced virgin adolescant.fuck your annoying.

  • top2tail69 August 3, 2007

    That fat bitch just seen a till opening at a takeaway and thought im gonna be "FIRST".

  • robster69 August 3, 2007

    hey creamy whats that do for kitty

  • hillbilly5150 August 3, 2007

    This is when I look at the fine tater-hole on the left. Fuck a buncha fat girls with food stamp cards!

  • youngblood48 August 3, 2007

    creamy is a guy......

  • kane August 4, 2007

    Big mama gonn aput the hurt on her littel bitch friend. They'll have lesbian sex afterwards.

  • skull13 August 6, 2007


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