You do the hokey pokey and you umm.... Let's play another game.

My friend is great at parties because when we get really bored he gets naked and asks us if we wanna roll him around the house for a bit. We line up furniture and see who can closest to bowling a strike.

  • lickadslit August 4, 2007

    I wonder if he finds himself going in circles

  • spearchucker August 4, 2007

    The gimp games are now in session

  • crusaderrabbit August 4, 2007

    Blow up doll or wax figure?

  • sleeko August 4, 2007

    Is this where the term "That's how I roll" comes from?

  • judasz August 4, 2007

    Dose he have to worry about blue balls?

  • hillbilly5150 August 4, 2007

    I bet he'd win an ass-kickin' contest against a parapalegic(

  • rodgtard August 4, 2007

    dammit lickadslit! i got that song circles stuck in my head now!

  • thebigd August 4, 2007

    At least he is still ballanced

  • mg196 August 4, 2007

    Give this man a hand! Break a leg, dude. Iraq rules!! Go Marines! Semper Fi, dismember and die!

  • kane August 5, 2007

    Look Paw, one leg and one hand... Yes I see; now try it with no hands, and no legs ya attention grabbing little fuck.

  • rockybalboa August 5, 2007

    Fuck, that bloody chair must have costed him an arm and a leg!

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