Great New York Boobs

Women pay a big price for having to carry around those lovely mammories. They never know when they might have a ticking time bomb lurking around in their chest. Testicle cancer is probably the closest thing for guys but no one is gonna be staring at your ball cleavage so it's not as bad.

  • thebigd August 12, 2007

    I think she is ready for a post mortem

  • maskofphantasm August 12, 2007

    Second second second. WTF, I'm second

  • beyondskrewed August 12, 2007

    not cool.

  • spearchucker August 12, 2007

    Someone forgot to remove that other nasty tit as well

  • suckit August 12, 2007

    thats what you get when you let someone with acidic spunk shoot all over your tits

  • skinafuckerrus August 12, 2007

    poor lady.diseases are like fishin,you never know what yourgonna catch.

  • hillbilly5150 August 12, 2007

    I feel a Dr. Phil moment coming on.

  • mrratty August 12, 2007

    sorry guys, cancer of any kind is no laughing matter.

    I sincerly feel sorry for any breast cancer(and any other type cancer) victim.

    To all the ladies here, go get those check-ups!!!!!

  • rodgtard August 12, 2007

    thats so wrong on so many levels!your going to hell for that one!

  • lickadslit August 13, 2007

    Hey some sombitch stole my tit

  • judasz August 13, 2007

    New HMO sucks. Great reason to get insured. Shit I'm fucked I can't afford insurance.

  • 1eyed1derworm April 24, 2008

    half n half taken literally

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