A sign you've had too much to drink

I'm not a medical doctor but I would say if you get anywhere near a public bathroom floor you should take yourself home immediately and bathe. There is no excuse for it and you are gonna creep out anyone who sees you touching that nasty surface.

  • yokiti August 29, 2007

    I'm just gonna confiscate this first post.

  • jomomma August 29, 2007

    Where's my AMBERISSA when I need her? Maybe she could help me aim...

  • judasz August 29, 2007

    Limp I mean lame.

  • skoal36 August 29, 2007

    when i write on the walls it is with a sharpie

  • playwithit August 29, 2007

    i know how he feels.

    slipping on piss and vomet is a bitch

  • lickadslit August 29, 2007

    with all the urinals to choose from Bob got confused and just pissed on the floor...Or maybe Bob was scared of the self flushing toilets and slipped in under the radar,

  • waddupslut August 29, 2007

    pshhh...photoshit. i mean shop.

  • robster69 August 29, 2007

    damn I hate when that happens

  • theblob06 August 29, 2007

    Those are 12 robots from the planet Flushy Cakes and he is being passed judgment on for pissing in ones mouth.

  • crusaderrabbit August 29, 2007

    I don't even want to imagine eight guys all standing next to each other urinating.

  • juggalo_4lyf August 29, 2007

    it makes no sense, i cant stop laughing

  • rodgtard August 30, 2007

    fuckin rooskies!

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