Get that monkey off my food!

This huge setting of fruit looks appetizing and all but those damn monkeys are gonna finger everything up. I'm not gonna eat an apple after the ass fingered monkey touches it.

  • spearchucker September 21, 2007

    Good eaten with monkey piss and shit to add flavor

  • lickadslit September 21, 2007

    Damn nigger kids will get into anything

  • bigjim September 21, 2007

    Look at all dat watamelon!!

  • judasz September 21, 2007

    To these guys the monkey is a holy symble.

  • badass1 September 21, 2007

    That monkey probably peed or pooped in some guava melon or left half eaten starfruit!

  • anoyherdayhear September 21, 2007


  • magnumjack September 21, 2007

    What a waste...

  • peach_eater September 21, 2007

    Damn niggers all over the fruit. Give them some food stamps and send them to the 7/11, like all the other niggers.

  • fuckedinfresno September 21, 2007

    4th bitch to the left from center. I'd hit that.

  • carnutts4sure September 22, 2007

    A Holy Symbol ? Are you fucking kidding me ? These Asian fucks are feeding these little bastards getting them ready to beat thier little monkey skulls in and eat the brains ! Monkeys are some disgusting fucking animals . Sure looks like a waiste of good fruit to me ! Only thing worse than those monkeys fucking up the fruit would be to have that fat bitch from the other post sitting in the middle with bannanas shoved up her fat cheesy ass !!!

  • copenhagenman September 22, 2007

    ^^^^you mean that tallest one? man, that's a thorough-bred, card carrying nigger. don't you want to make another pick? or did you have a particular reason for selecting that one? if so, i'm sorry. i just thought....

  • seanyboy September 22, 2007

    " Its a boy "

    Mr Patel Singh celebrating his 21st child in afganipakiiraqistan

  • theblob06 September 24, 2007

    looks like a Magical Mystery Tour

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