Chun Li returns

After the popularity of the Street Fighter series died down Chun Li was left to find herself and figure out what to do instead of fight. So she proceeded to eat herself into this current condition. Now we see her in line to try out for Street Fighter 4. Lets just say she might have to be replaced.

  • lickadslit November 19, 2007

    Nothing like a nicely proportioned Asian bitch.

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  • judasz November 19, 2007


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  • playwithit November 19, 2007

    its from all the brutal years of anal sex.

    this was the image she was hoping for

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  • culprite inc November 19, 2007

    shes a foot taler then the damn bag wtf looks like her ass ate her

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  • jomomma November 19, 2007

    photoshop. rookie photo shop.

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  • islandbud November 19, 2007

    i dont care what she says! She is really FREAKING me out!!

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  • godless1 November 19, 2007

    I would still hit it, and then I would hit it again.

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  • dicerat November 19, 2007

    what happens when you cross the singer from Jabba Palace with the dancer from Jabbas Palace

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  • peach_eater November 19, 2007

    There's not a nigger on this planet that would say no to that...

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  • t_dog8 November 20, 2007

    She could lick your dick while your fucking her...

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  • thetruthbehere November 20, 2007

    Her lower body just doesn't look right with her upper body..almost looks as if she should be 6 foot 3 and her upper body belongs on something 4foot tall.

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  • peach_eater November 20, 2007

    Brentwood, brothers would stick their filthy, AIDS ridden dicks in anything that would lay still long enough. The only line they would "draw" is a line of coke...

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  • seanyboy November 20, 2007

    There's obviously somat to dribblefor in the shopping trolley!!

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  • skababy69 November 20, 2007

    i bet all the overbearring, macho like men are beatin off like hotcakes to this one. just makes you wanna tear up doesnt it....

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