Eyes bigger than stomach

When you are a human being and you get too much to eat most of the time you can just puke it up pretty easily. When you are a snake it may not work out as well. You can strangle that hundred pound beast to death but you gotta figure out some way to shove it down your throat.

  • cockyass November 22, 2007

    in a couple hours i will be that stuffed

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  • culprite inc November 22, 2007

    he broke his own jaw to eat that fucker thats dedication

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  • traczyk November 22, 2007

    What the fuck did he eat, a bear? fuck.

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  • seanyboy November 22, 2007

    Its the dreaded snake bandit eating people again!

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  • dicerat November 22, 2007

    sucks to have visitors right after a big meal. "oh no, cant come before i eat when im lighter and faster... pricks"

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  • jomomma November 22, 2007

    stretching himself out for a new shaq shoe.

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  • godless1 November 22, 2007

    sad part is...he won't be able to move again for days after eating this, much like most of my family after a huge turkey dinner.

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  • copenhagenman November 23, 2007

    he won't eat again for months. i sure would like to know what it is he is eating. i think it's considerably bigger than he thought. so much for thinking. the dumb ass.

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  • gophkyrslf November 23, 2007

    saw this dscovery channel. local boy turned up missing. and well, they found him.

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  • copenhagenman November 24, 2007

    ^^^^what part of the boy is that sticking out the snake's mouth? no joke. can you tell?

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  • hellcrackers November 26, 2007

    that's no boy

    a snake like that could eat like five little kids

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  • bonebreaker17 December 8, 2007

    i found you mom! your turn to find me now!!!

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