The weird arm pillow

I can't think of anything else those Japanese characters could say besides that. Maybe Jim Henson gave me an unnatural fear of puppets or something because that pillow looks pretty creepy.

  • judasz December 25, 2007

    "Everything is going to be...A..l..r..i..g..h..t"

    (from Next American Inventor)

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  • bigstick December 25, 2007

    Wheres the poo?

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  • briandee December 25, 2007

    Looks 'armless enough to me 1

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  • peach_eater December 25, 2007

    FAKE!!! There's no shit in this pic.

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  • 2indastink December 25, 2007

    i can put my arm in my ass............

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  • godless1 December 25, 2007

    they have some lonely women in japan, which I am guessing that is why they will do anything to get a man. including eat shit.

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  • copenhagenman December 26, 2007

    i'd do her if she continued to leave off the shit. but, can she do it? doubtful, huh?

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  • ikill December 26, 2007

    now all it needs is a shit dispenser and itll be the perfect jap gift

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  • 4kinghell December 26, 2007

    Why not just buy a dog. You cuddle up to it, and it also has the advantages of being warm, and it produces as well as eats, shit. A dog truely is a Japs best friend

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  • xantradorn December 27, 2007

    since nobody seems to have said it yet... snuggle up to my dick, biatch! hell yay!

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  • fuckedinfresno December 27, 2007

    Unfortunately it's an asian thing, they like to go to sleep with your arm around them. It don't matter that your fucking hand goes numb from the position they put you into, but it's been like that going on 20 years for me. Where can I order one?

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  • joecommonsense October 4, 2008

    is that true, they like that shit, even if you feel like your arm has disapeared after an hour? what do they do so the arm doesn't go numb.

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