I knew it!

This whole time I always had my doubts about two male puppets living alone together but now my suspicions are confirmed. Now with the addition of Elmo and Big Bird a whole new can of worms have been opened. No pun intended.

  • 2indastink January 14, 2008

    yeah man thats what i'm fucking talking about!!!!......I'd definately do that Bert....the big eared CUNT!!!

  • buttplug69 January 14, 2008

    lol that's just wrong!

  • mikem1441 January 14, 2008

    I knew they were fags !!!!

  • havanutha January 14, 2008

    If I looked out my window and saw this, I would run back to my shrooms dealer and buy every last bit he had.

  • gurtman23 January 14, 2008

    me personally i would have put my cock in Ernie's mouth i can't stand the way he talks

  • briandee January 14, 2008

    I can hear the sesame street telling the kids "sing along now"

    " A is for ASS DIP "

    " B is for BLOW JOB "

    " C is for CUNT IN "

    " D is for DICK UP "

  • 4kinghell January 14, 2008

    I always knew bert and ernie were gay,

  • fuckedinfresno January 14, 2008

    Tickle Me Elmo meets the Shawshank Redemption. "Oooooh Elmo"

  • seanyboy January 14, 2008

    Can someone stop slipping me LSD, its getting beyond the joke now!

  • boneyak January 14, 2008

    That's how Elmo came up with that annoying laugh. And we all have known for years these fuckers had some sugar in thier blood. Still looks like a bad acid trip tho

  • godless1 January 14, 2008

    Oscar is only grouchy because he never gets invited to play.

  • shaknhatersoff January 14, 2008

    Well That just fuckin Blows ....... Thanks for ruining the ending ya fucktards

  • peach_eater January 14, 2008

    Oh, puppets... For a minute there I thought the earth was being taken over by freaky, sex starved humanoid monsters. Wheh. Carry on.

  • kane January 15, 2008

    It's about time they did something useful with that damn bird.

  • lickadslit January 15, 2008

    The official crazyshit office party

  • dickmcshit January 16, 2008

    those guys are fags i heard

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